So far 2017 has seen some exciting developments in the world of photo apps as well as apps that integrate photography. Using state-of-the-art technology and experimenting in other visual areas, it’s now easier than ever for photographers to improve on their skills and techniques.

These newly improved apps also allow photographers to interact with social media users, introducing their brand and work to a wider audience.

If you’re a photographer who’s looking to create a greater online presence, it’s time to brush up on what’s ‘in’ when it comes to apps.

2017 Photo app trends

Spectacles and Snapchat

Social media app, Snapchat, has revolutionised the way we interact with one another through instant photo messages. Since the selfie trend is popular with a huge number of social media users, the app’s many filters and interactive videos have enabled it to grow phenomenally through exposure outside of the app itself. Users frequently use Snapchat filters to enhance their own images and then post those photos in other places such as Facebook.

There are more than 10 million daily users on Snapchat. This has led to new technology called ‘Spectacles’ being developed to use alongside this image app.

Spectacles are glasses that have been designed with photography in mind. The glasses have a built-in camera that allows the user to take a photo from their perspective and then upload it instantly to Snapchat using wifi.

This new photo app trend is ideal for photographers who want to develop street style and lifestyle photography by taking images directly from their perspective. It’s also a great way to live stream their work while interacting with online users and gaining more social media followers.

2017 Photo app trends

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Instant Photos

A trend that continues to be huge this year is the comeback of film photography. There was a popular surge for Instax cameras as the demand for portable, printable pictures grew. And with the arrival of the new Leica Sofort, it’s clear the trend for instant film is here to stay this year.

Since retro instant cameras are bang-on-trend, mobiles apps such as VSCO and Filmborn have been developed to allow photographers to see colours and images in a filmic sense. VSCO allows users to upload their images from both iOS and Android instantly, while Filmborn introduces film to a new generation of photographers in a digital way.

These photo apps are ideal for those who are new to photography and want to have a digital-led approach. It’s also a good bridge for photographers who want to dabble in film and try to learn a new visual element.

2017 Photo app trends

Insta Stories

The biggest image app trend right now has to be the integration of video into apps. Last year Snapchat dominated social media with its 15 second videos and variety of filters and graphic masks, however, going into 2017 it’s all about Instagram!

Where 15 second videos are now too short to tell your story, Instagram has expanded the video options allowing users up to 60 seconds of play time. The app has recently gone one step further and now offers users a live streaming option just like Facebook, Periscope and Youtube.

These longer stories/videos give photographers more options on how they can engage with their audience. Could you think about giving snapshots into styling, props and processes to build up your Instagram following?

What photo app trends are you loving? Do you use any of the apps we’ve mentioned above? Let us know in the comments section.