It’s the time of year when teens, twenty-somethings and everyone else who is also unfortunate enough to be entering their exam period, shuts themselves away somewhere quiet to do some serious studying.

To help everyone stay inspired throughout the hard slog, we’ve come up with some creative yet simple digital canvas printing ideas to enhance the walls of your study space. Let us know what you think and if you have any ideas of your own, we’d love to hear from you!

Create your own canvas print serenity scene

Perhaps the most traditional of today’s ideas is the creation of a serenity scene. Why not turn one of your favourite calming landscapes into a photo canvas print for your wall? Preferably use an image that reminds you of a happy time that you can draw on in moments of revision exhaustion!

You could even try making your own serenity corner or wall by printing a selection of your favourite calming scenes to canvas using our simple upload tool.  Still short of inspiration? Why not create your own sea of calm using the hints and tips in our recent shoreline photography post?

Bored? Try a board game printed canvas

Have you seen those old board games recycled as wall art? We think they’re pretty cool but we’re not feeling particularly willing to give up our much-loved Monopoly set just yet! And, when we started messing about with the Scrabble board we began to wonder how difficult it would be to frame and started having second thoughts about gluing all of the letters onto the board, just in case we wanted to indulge in a game after the next Parrot Print dinner party.

Instead, we came up with the far easier but equally creative idea of taking a photograph of your board game and transferring the print onto canvas. Not only do you get to save all of your little plastic Scrabble letters and avoid gluing your fingers together, but you also have the option to produce lots of high quality prints with individual messages written on the boards.

These board game canvas prints are perfect for spelling out motivational messages! Alternatively, why not snap a photograph of your next winning Scrabble performance and celebrate it with a photo onto canvas?

Make a mantra montage

 You’ve no doubt seen those layer-effect images that juxtapose images of breath-taking scenery, achievements or even animals and cake with superimposed witty or inspirational quotes. They’re shared on Instagram, pinned on Pinterest and they can now help you to stick to your mantra for study!

To layer colourful captions over your Instagram photographs, all you need is the help of apps such as instaquote or overgram. Once you’re happy with your tweaking, you can upload from your computer or direct from Instagram, choose a format and size and you’re good to  print! Why not select some of your favourite motivational quotes and arrange in your own mantra montage?

For more creative Instagram photo ideas, check back for new blog posts. Finally, good luck to everyone out their who is taking exams!