Now you have the New Year’s resolutions out of the way – and probably already broken by now – why not write down some photography goals to achieve during the year ahead? Now is the ideal time to think about what you want to focus on in the coming months, whether you’d like to master a particular skill or visit a certain spot.

To get you started, here are some suggestions from Parrot Print HQ, we look forward to seeing the results make their way onto your next canvas print…

Scenery goals

When you live in a world that offers so much beauty, it can be hard to know where to start when looking for the ultimate spot to photograph. Do you choose a destination that provides sunshine, and therefore excellent light? Somewhere with luscious green pastures and babbling brooks? Or a snowy, mountainous landscape filled with jagged edges and challenging weather?

There’s so much choice!

If you plan to stay close to home, check out our guide to the best places in Britain to photograph – especially in the winter months. There are some excellent choices right at home; many offering up scenery that will even trick people into thinking you have travelled by plane or boat to get there!

One such example is Cornwall, whose coastal scenes could easily be confused for those of Greece or Spain when the sun is out to play.

Subject goals

Over time, you tend to become more proficient in certain photography styles – portrait, landscape, action, candid etc. Even if you have decided that, for example, portrait is the style you love and want to progress with, it’s worth changing up your subject, scenery, and lighting to keep things fresh.

With each new challenge comes new insight into your craft, helping you to hone your skills and improve the photographs you take.

Perhaps you could up the ante by working with subjects that are notoriously difficult to work with? Children and animals spring to mind! Both will teach you to be patient, to spend less time agonising over the perfect shot as well as providing a subject that is hard to keep still.

Exposure goals

Make 2017  the year you increase your exposure as a photographer, no matter what your skill level. It can be as simple as sharing your work over social media channels such as – Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc. Take a look at our Instagram post on honing your hashtag strategy to see how you can get yourself noticed.

Another way to catch the eye of potential customers or clients is to enter a national or international competitions with your best work. Letting the professionals judge your photography, as well as seeing where you place amongst the competition, is so rewarding as an artist.

Competitions, if won or as a named runner up, can be useful for securing a paid gig too. If people know that you have been revered in your field for your work, this gives a vote of confidence in you, even if you haven’t done it professionally thus far. Read our guide to securing your first paid photography gig here.

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