If you are the type of photographer that struggles beyond the moment of point and shoot you are certainly not alone.  Thankfully, the wealth of photography apps that are now available give you the tools to create a perfectly polished appearance on images, helping you achieve a professional finish when you create your own customised canvas here, at Parrot Print.

We all know about Instagram and its wealth of vintage filters. In fact, we recently posted our own introduction to Instragram on the blog, along with our top tips for iPhone photography.

Here are a five more photography apps to add to your smartphone arsenal:

Anti crop

Taken your image tidy up a little too far? This app for iOS lets you undo the damage, whether you’ve cropped on your iPhone or iPad. It costs just 69p to download and allows you to retrieve your original image or undo steps, which we think makes it a bit of a snip!


With this app, it’s not really about what it does but the ease with which it allows you to do it. Once you’ve selected a perfect filter, colour and size combination for your image you are able to save the editing settings and apply them to future images. So, if you are planning a series of custom canvas prints and would like them to have the same finish, you can standardise them quickly. Another iOS app, again it costs just 69p.


Everyone loves a freebie and this android app is one of the most useful photo-editing apps you’ll find for free. As well as a super speedy autocorrect and a range of filters it allows you to enhance the appearance of specific objects and share easily.

Touch Retouch

Using tools similar to Photoshop, Touch Retouch allows you to remove unwanted content from your photos, making them blemish free, as if by magic. Whether you want to make a building or your own finger disappear, it can help. It’s available in android (59p) and iOS (69p).


If you want to turn your photo into an artsy canvas print you can do it without reaching for the paintbrush. This free iOS app allows you to turn your photographs into lines and dots and to rain colours. This is a particularly useful app for those wanting to turn their own cityscape into a panoramic canvas print with a difference or for creating portrait canvas prints with added interest.

Hopefully we’ve introduced you to some cheap and easy ways to improve the quality of your smartphone images. To make use of the finished article, why not take a look at our creative ideas for hanging custom canvas prints here? Are there any photo apps you use that you’d recommend to others? Let us know!

Photography Apps for great photo to canvas prints