A great activity for adults and children alike, an autumn leaf print is also the perfect way to add the season’s colours into your home décor. The warming reds and oranges of autumn leaf prints will give a cosy feel to the room, inviting guests to curl up on the sofa with a hot chocolate and a good book.

Leaf printing is an activity that you can get the whole family involved in – just make sure you’re ready for a little mess! The outcome of your family fun could be turned into several canvas prints, giving long-lasting appreciation to this beautiful season.

On the hunt

The first place to start with leaf printing is with the gathering of leaves. This is a great opportunity for getting everyone wrapped up warm and outside enjoying some fresh air. A walk through your local woods should provide plenty of autumn leaf options, along with a chance to educate the little ones on the types of trees each leaf comes from.

Try to get a good selection of leaves that vary in shades of colour. The leaf hunt will inspire you and your children on the colour palettes you’d like to use for your autumn print.

Warming colours

To represent the best part of autumn in your print, it’s important to focus on the shades of colour that are warming and inviting. So try to stay clear of murky browns and dull greens, and instead, focus on reds, oranges, yellows and bright greens that really pop with colour.

You can blend all of these colours together to create a ‘primary’ autumn palette, taking inspiration from the leaves that you have collected.

The fun part

Once you have prepared the work area (making sure all flooring and table tops are covered from paint) it’s time to get creative! Using one of your leaves, cover it in paint by placing it in a plate with the desired colour on it. Pick the area of your canvas that you’d like to place it and gently press it down like a stamp. Carefully peel the leaf away from the paper to reveal the first of many leaf prints.

Another method is to place your leaf on the paper and use a brush to paint over the top of it. This creates an outline of the leaf giving you a negative space shape of the leaf on the inside.

Sensory additions

If you’d like your autumn leaf print to hit people with another sense, you can add in some ginger or warming cinnamon to the paint so that the autumn feeling carries on from the eyes and into the nose. This sensory addition will have your guests remembering autumn walks while in your living room.

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