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For all those who love their beds you’re in for a treat, as today is National Make Your Bed Day! This bed-loving day is celebrated annually on September 11 to make people aware it’s important to get a good nights sleep.

According to the National Sleep Foundation making your bed can help improve your tossing, turning and restless sleeping, which in return can be good for your health. I’m sure we all agree getting more sleep is vital, but here at Parrot Print we’re more interested in revamping your favourite living space.

From canvas prints to statement furniture accessories we have some top bedroom decor ideas, that’ll turn your run-down chamber into a tranquil paradise, and more importantly that’ll able you to enjoy a peaceful nights sleep.

Canvas prints
Whether you have space above your headboard or want something donning your main focal wall, a canvas print is a simple and inexpensive solution. The brilliance of canvas prints is there’s no fuss as they’re really easy to design and create, the hardest part is choosing your image! Once you’ve chosen a picture to complement your bedroom upload it here and the rest will be done for you!

Wall art
If you want to stray away from canvas prints or pictures with thick, bold frames then a wall art piece is for you. Whether you fancy a twisting metal sculpture or an sparkling mirrored plate – the options are endless. If you’re struggling why don’t you check out our post on the latest art trends, so you can find a piece to fit in with future decor styles.

Light fixtures
Wanting to add a touch of luxury and glamour? Or maybe you prefer a minimalistic style with nothing cluttering up your bedroom walls? Then a glittering crystal light dangling from the middle of the room sounds like it’ll match your taste. If you don’t want something over flamboyant you can pick up quirky light fixtures made out of metal or bare wood for a rustic feel and look.

Plush accessories
A quick and affordable way to spruce up any room is to simply add some new accessories. Whether you choose a neutral shade to fit in with every season or a bold colour to make a vibrant pop in a plain bedroom. From furry throws and pillows to candles and ornaments, there’s a wide range of accessories on the high street for you to choose from.

Statement furniture
Big pieces of furniture don’t have to take up a lot of room in your bedroom, in fact you can actually buy items that not only create more space, but allow more light into your bedroom. Mirrored, glass and clear pieces of furniture are proving to a be a popular choice within home furnishing ranges on the high street. What finishing touch would you go for?

What’s your favourite decor idea? Is there anything else you would use to decorate your bedroom that we haven’t thought of? Let us know!