Despite having been around for decades, street art has become one of the most popular forms of art out there. Street art comes in all shapes and sizes, from sculptures and stencils, to vast colourful murals brightening up otherwise plain street corners or high-rises.

The term street art, first gained popularity during the graffiti art boom of the 80s, when many young artists used the art form to anonymously express their political views and opinions. Even today a new generation of street artists use the art form to attract attention to a cause and many often travel between countries to spread their designs.

Our latest infographic looks at some of the best street art locations around the world, from the vibrant streets of Valparaiso in Chile, to Banksy’s Bristol and the ‘stencil capital of the world’ aka Melbourne. All are home to some amazing pieces of art and we will definitely be adding these cities to our bucket list!

Best Street Art in The World