After enjoying leisurely days off from work over the festive season, heading back to the office isn’t always very appealing. With this in mind, we thought we’d give a special mention this month to our smallest canvas prints, the desk canvas. Our desk canvas prints are a compact 6”x 6”, which makes them an ideal way to brighten up your workspace. Our small canvas prints cost just £9.99 and like all of our canvases, they are available with free delivery on orders over £20.  All in all, we think these mini canvases prints are an affordable way to treat yourself or someone you care about this month.

Why you should decorate your workspace

Did you know that personalising your workspace might actually have psychological benefits? Because many offices are now open plan, some studies have found that workers can feel more relaxed and actually perform better when they feel able to retain some privacy and control of their own space. To make your zone your own, you could bring in a small plant or choose to use your own stationery. If you’re a neat freak you could also add a desk organiser to keep your space just how you like it. Make Monday mornings a little brighter by introducing some desk photos or even have some of your childrens’ drawings transferred onto a mini canvas, to look at throughout the day.

Researchers involved in one study published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology stated: “Creating a place of one’s own in an otherwise public workspace environment should further contribute to individuals’ positive cognitive and affective states, resulting in enhanced mental resources, enabling better coping with the potentially debilitating interferences associated with low privacy.” In a nutshell, you may find that having some personal items on hand as you work helps to inspire your creativity or provide you with extra motivation, bonus!

Workplace uses for the mini canvas

It’s not just photographs that can be printed onto a desk canvas, you could also opt to have an illustration or drawing printed to preserve the artistry for longer. Another option is to have a motivational quote or your favourite saying transferred to canvas. Whatever design you choose, you simply need to upload your chosen imagery in the correct file format and we’ll do the rest.

Our small desk canvas prints are at home on your desk or decorating your office booth, but they can also be used in a number of other ways. Why not create your own office wall mosaic using a number of canvas prints? You could print a photograph of each employee onto canvas or use fun photos of work events to show your workplace at its best. You can find more inspiration on using canvas prints in all kinds of work environments in our Canvas prints for the workplace post.


Of course, you don’t need to have a desk to order a desk-sized canvas. These cute canvases look equally at home on dressers, shelves and mantelpieces. With both Valentines Day and Mother’s Day on the horizon, would someone you know appreciate a canvas mini to remind them of a special moment?