The change in season brings with it some beautiful colours, offering up the opportunity to capture some truly eye-catching images that will be perfect for your next canvas print.

Oranges, greens, reds, warm browns and yellows are strong in autumn, giving a striking palette to your photographs. The whole season brings with it a sense of cosiness, comfort and warmth – how can you encapsulate that all in one image?

Here are some top tips on giving your next photography project – big or small – the autumnal touch.

Getting outdoorsy

Parks and forests are the first port of call, as nature will provide all the colour you need for your seasonal shot. The little ones wrapped up in big coats, hats and gloves, kicking the leaves and picking the biggest conkers, is the recipe for an effortlessly great photograph.

Harvest is also a big part of autumn, giving some great food photography opportunities that are bursting with colour. Think about vegetabes that will really pop with colour on camera. For inspiration, check out our guide to the best food photographers to follow on Instagram.

The combination of seasonal food and the changes to nature in autumn, can give endless options for your autumn tableau. Be sure to keep your camera handy so that you don’t miss an excellent photo opportunity. You never know when your next photographic triumph can occur!

Arts and crafts

Autumn leaves, which can be found easily on foraging expeditions with the children, can be used in a host of crafty ways to create autumnal art that will be lovely to photograph. Last year, we wrote a post on how to create an autumn leaf print, step by step. Finding unusual shaped leaves is a must, as well as brightly coloured ones as inspiration for your painting efforts.

Other cool projects to try, includes using a selection of twigs to form the trunk of a tree and then some colourful leaves to place on top to create the image of a beautiful autumnal tree. This is an excellent project for the little ones to get involved in. You might even get a great shot of the children mid-crafting!

Making the most of autumn

When trying to capture the best colours from your scenery and subjects, it is more to do with the editing part of the process than the actual camera you use or technique opted for. You can, however, make your task easier by shooting in RAW so that you have access to every last bit of data collected by your camera’s sensor.

Other tips to keep in mind:

  1. Is your subject matter interesting?
  2. Have you framed the shot as well as possible?
  3. What’s in the background? Is the location or the images telling a story?