Food is as much a part of the festive season as carol singing and Christmas trees but it’s even more important for those who are passionate about all things culinary. If you’ve got a foodie in your life and you’re struggling to think of a present to buy them that isn’t edible, read on because today we’re sharing some food inspired canvas print ideas that should fit the bill

Creative culinary prints
Are they always texting you photos of their latest culinary creations? If there’s a bake, cake or casserole that goes beyond looking good enough to eat and is more like a work of art, why not turn that food porn into a unique canvas print? You can upload smartphone images, Facebook photos and Instagram photos right here.

Best ever menu
Did your foodie friend delight you at a dinner party with a particular menu they served up? If you have some photos of the occasion you could combine them with a decorative layout of the menu in the night in question as a little reminder. Have you been on a special outing together at a fine dining restaurant? Tasting menus can be a great starting point for canvas prints – add images from the evening, illustrations or embellish with the cork from your wine.

Mock competition certificate
Do you know someone who’s always glued to the TV when Bake Off or Masterchef or on? Make them a winner by creating a canvas print certificate – whether it’s best bake or star chef in the house, they’ll be able to put it proudly on display without getting all stressed and sweaty in front of the cameras.

Creative canvas reminders
Despite all the modern kitchen gadgets available, sometimes a busy cook finds themself trying to workout how many cups there are in a pound or how many teaspoons make 25ml. Why not create a canvas print reminder using photographs, illustrations and your own conversion table. Thoughtful and practical!

Hopefully your creative juices will be well and truly flowing now but if not, take a peek at our previous post on kitchen canvas print ideas for more inspiration. There’s still plenty of time to create a customised canvas print in time for Christmas, so why not get started now?