Canvas Wall Art for the Office or Workplace – Tips!

It’s not just homes and offices where our customers use canvas prints to make more of their walls and to add a splash of colour. We print canvas prints to be used in all sorts of settings many of which are workplaces. Canvas prints can be put to use in lots of different ways – at a very basic level they provide decoration but they could also show off your creative efforts, to display information and directions in new and interesting ways or tell the stories of happy customers. Here are a few ideas of where transferring image to canvas could help your workplace to be more welcoming.

Photography studio
We work with many photographers who want to display their work at its best. While your customers may choose to order prints on photography paper, giving them the option to choose canvas prints or showing off your work on canvas can help them see new possibilities. Because they are easy to hang, canvas prints are great for exhibitions too or for setting up stalls at fairs.

Reception areas
Whether you own a garage or a dental surgery, creating a warm and welcoming reception area can help put clients at ease.  You might choose floral prints or landscapes or choose to show some happy customers. If you are in the second hand car business, why not use canvas prints to show off some smiling snaps of new car owners picking up their keys?

Pet grooming parlour/kennels
We print so many canvas prints for pet owners, but those who work with animals may benefit from displaying a canvas print or two also. If you’re a dog groomer, you can use canvas prints of your customers looking all clean and tidy to attract new clients and brighten up your grooming parlour. You could opt to create a series of prints in a colour scheme or featuring retro photo styling to complement the appearance of your parlour. Just be sure to check with the owners before you turn them into models!

Canvas prints aren’t just for photos – if you have an infographic or some instructions that would benefit form a little artistic display, a canvas print is an eye-catching way to put your message across. Whether you want to tell people the correct way to use a piece of equipment, remind them of how to work the main muscle groups or to show before and after images of your customers, canvas prints offer a robust alternative to posters that often end up tatty and torn.

Where do you have your canvas prints hanging? Have you found any unusual uses for canvas prints in your business? Share your ideas below and don’t forget to tweet us your canvas print pics over Parrot Print!