Canvas Print Worthy Creative Pregnancy Announcements

It might not be springtime quite yet but we’ve been noticing a few unique announcements about new arrivals that have spurred us on to write this post. If you’ve recently found out you’ll be hatching a new member of the family in 2015 and have been wondering how to break the news to all your loved ones, wonder no more. Today we’re sharing creative pregnancy announcement ideas that demand to be photographed…

Spell it out — If subtlety isn’t your strongest point then you may want to spell your message out nice and clear. You could try simply writing your message on paper or your due date on a blackboard in pretty print. For a shot that will produce an image that’s well worth transferring to canvas to create your own unique canvas keepsake print, think about spelling out your message on a scrabble board. Spell out: “We are having a baby”, take a snap and send to friends and family on your smartphone.

Bun in the oven — It’s one of the most common euphemisms for pregnancy and an easy one to visualise – if you’ve got a bun in your oven, why not let the world with a photograph of some bread warming in your cooker? If you’re worried people may not get the hint you could always layer a caption over the top. The finished photo won’t look out of place on a custom canvas print in the kitchen and you may want to think about adding a new one for each new addition to your brood.


An extra pair of footprints — Letting everyone know your family will soon be expanding by two feet (or more!) is another great visual clue. For this image, try lining up a pair of shoes from each member of the family and chalking an extra pair or some question marks on the end. Again, this will make a really endearing custom canvas print to hang in the hallway to remind you of what’s coming and when the baby arrives, of the journey along the way. If you live by the coast, footprints or handprints on the sand followed by question marks are another lovely way to represent this.

Special delivery — There are few parcels more special than this particular type of delivery, which is another easy euphemism to capture on camera. Try wrapping up a parcel with plain brown paper and stickering with a ‘special delivery’ message. If you want to give friends and family even more clues, tie with a pink or blue bow to reveal whether you’re having a boy or a girl! Send your photography via email or smartphone for an instant reaction and then transfer the image to canvas to hang on the nursery wall.

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