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You can probably guess from the amount of cake posts we’ve written that we definitely have a sweet tooth, and if you’ve got a fondness for all things sweet then you’re in luck, as this week is National Chocolate Week.

This appetising week is between October 12th – 18th and we thought it would be the perfect time to practice those photography skills, and eat as much chocolate as you want. So, to celebrate in style we’ve put together some tips on how you can create mouth-watering canvas prints, with some delicious props.

How To Get The Action Shot
When it comes to food photography, whether it’s melted chocolate or an omelette, it all comes down to two main factors; don’t use a flash and present your food attractively.

– Presentation is a key aspect in making your food look good. If you’re able to make your dish look good enough to eat in real life, then you have a better chance at taking a good photo of it. Start with a neutral coloured plate or bowl, so nothing distracts you from the main attraction – the food. For melted chocolate props such as wooden spoons always work well, plus these allow texture and movement within your photos. Make sure you wipe away any spills with a tea towel, to ensure your photo looks professional and not amateur.

– Once you’ve successfully managed to make your melted chocolate look even more delicious, it’s time to capture it, and it only way to do this is with the right angle. Now, shooting directly into the bowl will cause lighting issues with your photo, as the light surrounding your object won’t be even. The solution is to position the bowl in various angles and to ensure your melted chocolate is smooth and flowing, instead of swirled about.

– When it comes to lighting in food photography, you have three basic options; natural lighting, lighting that stays on while you shoot, and strobe lighting. Natural light provides a quality of light that can’t be replicated, so always choose this option if available.

– The best piece of advice for achieving fantastic food photos is simply to practice. Practice makes perfect.

Let’s Get Messy
If you want to stray away from the norm, instead of creating a chocolate canvas print, why not create the entire canvas out of chocolate? There are two ways of achieving this delicious result. Firstly, you can painted melted chocolate straight onto a canvas, using different types, such as; dark, milk, and white, to create shade and depth.

The other method involves melting white chocolate and pouring it into a tray. Remember this is going to act as your canvas, so make sure you choose a tray that will resemble the texture of canvas material. Once this is dry, you can then take the rest of your melted milk and dark chocolate and simply paint it onto you white chocolate slab. This option is a little messier, but we’re sure when you’re tucking in the taste will make up for the hassle.

Which option is your favourite? Have you got any other ways of celebrating National Chocolate Week? Don’t forget to share your chocolate photos with us on Twitter and Facebook!