Great Ways to use Canvas Wall Art to decorate your home

Have you ever walked into a furniture studio and was immediately blown away by the ambiance of it all. If so, like most luxury lovers, your eyes were most likely trained up and at the walls rather than the furniture itself. Canvas wall art really brings a room together, in fact, it acts as the soul of the room, essentially bringing it to life. It can immediately evoke passion, happiness, comfort and even creativity. However, this feeling of overwhelming art appreciation isn’t just subjected to furniture and art studios. In fact, a canvas print can have the same effect on your family and your guests in your home. Here are a few ways to incorporate canvas art into your home decor.

Jazz Up Your Corners

As children we were often reminded that the corner is a place of boredom and punishment, but it doesn’t have to remain this way. Some people use trees, plants, room dividers and even mirrors to mask their corners, but we say inject life into your corners with a large canvas print. The primary colors of your print should complement the colors of your room (use this reference for help) and contain a few pops of added color to make the room a little more cozy. Instead of hanging this painting on the wall, you can prop it up in the corner directly on the floor or position it on an easel in the corner.

Give Your Accent Wall a Centerpiece

Nothing says accent wall like a beautiful work of art. In fact, the right canvas print can really tie the entire room together. Many people choose to paint their accent wall a different color from the surrounding walls. In fact, they often paint it a shade or two darker (and in some cases a completed unrelated color). The problem people are faced with after doing this is trying to tie the colors together in order to make the room look more uniform. A museum-grade canvas print that contains a small amount of the accent wall color and bit of the color from surrounding walls can balance the room perfectly. If you really want to bring it all together, try an abstract design that picks up the colors of your furniture and wall colors.

Showcase Your Own Design the Right Way

If you’re an artist at heart, or you take pictures of everyday objects in a way that deems them ‘artistic’, you may want to show them off. If you’ve ever had the dissatisfaction of having your art copied and printed on photo paper, you’ve no doubt discovered the poster-like quality of what used to be your work of art. If you  really want to show off your images, have them printed on canvas. Canvas injects life into prints, making them seem more realistic, yet mysterious at the same time. To showcase your best creations, or even your family photo, simply have your photos printed on canvas and attach a picture or display light above it before hanging it on the wall. Then voila! A work of art is born.

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