Anyone with a crazy canine knows how hard it can be to get them to sit and stay during training, which is of course why capturing their best side with photography is such a challenge, but also all the more rewarding! With a bit of patience and a couple of creative tricks up your sleeve, you can snap the perfect photo of your pet in no time at all and create a memorable photo canvas print to hang in your home.

Here are five useful tips for capturing your furry friend at their most playful:

Add an object

Nothing reassures your dog or captures their attention long enough for you to shoot like their favourite toy. Holding your pet’s interest using props like toys and treats means they are far more likely to behave and pose just how you’d like them to and it means you can direct their gaze where you want it too, though you may find you need a photographer’s assistant to help with this.

If you’re an editing whizz or are well-accustomed to the cropping tool, you can easily cut the half-chewed five year-old plaything from your frame later and finish up with a perfect photograph of your distracted doggy.

Focus on their personality

Confession time. Do you have a photo face or pose? Do you stick your tongue out like Miley or pout perfect like Victoria Beckham? Pets can be full of character and there’s no reason why your pet can’t show off their expression in a similar fashion!

Whether their ears always prick up to the sound of the front door opening or you love the excitement on their face when it’s time for walkies – try to capture your pet’s personality before they’ve even had time to get confused by the camera in their presence. It’s what separates your pooch from the rest, so why not capture it forever by setting up the shot and waiting to snap their reaction? You’ll also need to be ready to take them out on that walk or you’ll have a very disappointed pooch on your hands.

Make the most of ‘burst mode’

As naturally eager animals, dogs have a tendency to fidget, always wagging their tail or scouring the kitchen for the next tasty treat. Instead of capturing them as a furry bounding blur, switch your camera to burst mode and shoot your dog in action.

This method can can be time consuming and mean taking a multitude of pictures only to delete 90 per cent of them, but it’s absolutely worth it when you get that all-important action shot!

Natural is best

Sometimes the best canvas wall art isn’t captured in a stuffy setting; it just happens in an off-the-cuff moment. Letting your dog get used to you being around with camera in-hand is also a great way to help them stay relaxed and be themselves when it’s their turn to be in front of the camera.

Get in close

The more you practice this, the more you’ll realise that there is a fine line between ‘too close’ and ‘too far away’. Invading your pooch’s personal space means they could be distracted by your lens in their face, and curiosity – or camera shyness – could get the better of them. In contrast, photographing your dog from a great distance means you could miss a subtle change of expression or position. Be patient and close in slowly but surely.

When you’ve captured the perfect picture, why not showcase your skills on a canvas print? Use it to mark their space in the home or give the photo canvas pride of place among your family photographs.

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