If you have a family then no doubt you have lots of family photos lining your walls, or at the very least taking up storage on your PC or in the cloud. It’s great to see your family beaming at you from a photo frame but if you really want a unique and impressive take on the traditional family portrait or candid snap, canvas prints are the way to go.

There are some great options to consider when planning or looking for that perfect photo to canvas. Here are just some to give you a little inspiration.

Mother and daughter or father and son

You don’t always need the whole family to line up for a group snap. Sometimes the most spectacular photos are those that feature just two people posing for the camera or caught in a natural pose. This works well for mothers and daughters of all ages, fathers and their newborn sons and in fact, any combination of parents with their children.

Colour me black and white

There is something about black and white and sepia shots that adds a certain timeless quality to any photo. The moment you remove colour, the mood of the photo changes completely. Adding these effects is easy and all photo editing apps give you this option. Try to use shots that won’t give away the age of your photo – your 9 year old playing on his iPad might not have the same effect as your 9 year old sitting in a tree for example! In fact, nature shots and close up photos work very well with black and white effects and will give you some fantastic results when transferred to canvas.

Three generations on one canvas print

Some of the most treasured of all family photos are those that feature all generations within a family. Try to get the family together when you get the chance as photo opportunities don’t always present themselves that often. Children bouncing on grandparents’ knees, teenagers sulking in the background and even the family pets are just some of the elements that can create the perfect ‘through the generations’ family canvas print.

Hands and feet

It’s such a simple idea, but so effective too especially if you have very little ones in your family – children that is! Feet lined up in a row in order of size look great, but if members of the family are unsure about displaying their tootsies, you could have a wonderful shot of you all with your hands placed on top of each other with the smallest on top. This type of photo works fantastically well in black and white.

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