In the modern age, it’s often a rarity for people to opt to have their photos printed – something that makes the photo canvas that little bit more special. With thousands and thousands of photos populating Instagram accounts and Facebook feeds all over the world, it can often feel like the photography market has been saturated by Walden filters and black and white sharpening effects, but that really isn’t the case at all.

If anything, it’s made the average member of the general public have a keener eye for detail when it comes to their photos. The only problem is, the sheer level of pictures we now produce has become so extensive that it can often be difficult to decide which ones – especially when viewed in real life, rather than a screen – are actually the most impressive. We are now looking back to old ways of displaying and exhibition to enjoy our pictures, as the glare from our screens can sometimes become tiresome; this is where the photo canvas comes into its own.

Whether you’re an emerging photographer or someone who just likes to record those cherished moments, there are so many redeeming features in getting a personal photo canvas professionally printed. It could be for a gift to a loved one, an art project or simply to sit in your home as a constant reminder of the moment – whatever the case, photo canvases are back and it looks as if they are here to stay.

The question is, how do you make that final decision on what to print? For people printing their first canvas, this can be an extremely daunting task – not wanting to make the wrong choice is a very real pressure, but fortunately this is where our expert team at Parrot Print comes in. Below, we’ve detailed a few of the different angles that our customers have chosen in the past, all of them to great effect. As soon as you see one that jumps out and resonates with you, don’t hesitate – it’s always your first instinct that you should trust the most!

Treasuring the early days

Our first option is particularly aimed towards parents with young children. Of course, it’s almost impossible not to want to document these beautiful moments as your child enjoys their infancy, and with the ease of modern technology we can do so now more than ever. Sift through the inevitable reams that you have and select one that really, truly sums up your child’s personality and the feelings that are conjured when you think of them in this light. The canvas will preserve this moment forever, and will be an invaluable treasure to them once they grow older.

Capturing a hobby

For some, photography itself may be your main hobby – in which case, you’ll have a better idea of what photos you’ve taken will work on a canvas – but a photo canvas has the opportunity to showcase and commemorate all types of ventures and interests. From people who care into classic cars to horse riding to cooking, capturing a proud moment on canvas means that the achievement will be there for years to come.

A travelling memento

For our third suggestion, we arrive at arguably one of the most popular uses for the photo canvases we print – the travelling snap. The beauty of the travelling picture is that it can range across a whole host of subjects, from capturing one of the world’s most iconic monuments in a particularly beautiful light to snapping your friends or family in a funny pose during a now-legendary night out abroad. From sun, sea and sand to snow, skis and serenity, there’s no better way to ensure those precious memories are given a new lease of life and immortalised forever.

A contemporary close-up

Unfamiliar with the ‘contemporary close-up’ style? Well, maybe by name but as soon as you lay eyes on one you’ll know exactly what we mean. Thanks to camera quality developing rapidly over the last decade or so, the quality of picture that even amateur photographers are able to achieve is staggering. As a result, we are seeing more and more close-up shots of otherwise unnoticed happenings – a ladybird on a leaf, the texture of a plant, the smooth grooves of a vinyl – are making it onto canvas. They are certainly a different direction to take, but can look fantastic when positioned in your home.

Celebrating creativity

If you’ve been involved in projects of any kind, artistic or otherwise, we know as well as anyone that it’s not always easy to take home a souvenir of your achievements. Instead, we opt to take photos of our successes in order to preserve them, and a photo canvas gives you the opportunity to bring these to life once more. For example, if you’ve just completed a final major project at college but your sculpture or design isn’t able to be taken home for keeping (often the case in group projects), then transferring it onto a canvas will allow you to always remember the time and effort spent creating it.

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