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We’re all guilty of collecting clutter over the years with the thought that one day this stuff will come in handy, or that we’ll definitely need it at some point in the future. But, being a hoarder doesn’t have to be a bad thing, in fact we have some inspirational ideas, so you can turn your clutter into fabulous wall art.

Over the past few seasons a theme that’s become very popular within our homes is the rustic, well-loved vintage look. However, you don’t need to rush out and spend tons on brand new pieces, which look the part, when you have items at home that actually are the part. Whether it’s old postcards, stamps, pieces of jewellery, or even the fabric of an ancient top you use to love, you can create a masterpiece, which will create a unique canvas for your home, as well as declutter that draw.

Wrapping paper
How many of us have received incredibly pretty wrapping paper, so pretty that you’ve unwrapped your present very carefully and kept it to reuse at a later date? We know we have, but somehow they just get left folded up in a draw somewhere. Well, now’s the time to use them, whether you make a collage or choose your favourite sheet, this is a simple, but effective method of creating an eye-catching canvas. This is also an inexpensive way of donning your home with wall art, without spending a fortune on it.

Old photos
We can spend hours looking at old photos, so why put them back in a box, why not take those treasured memories and place them on the wall for you to always see? This simple way of making wall art will definitely become a conversational piece when you have family and friends over. Plus, if you have a great deal of photos, you could even have different themed canvas around your home. Or, if you have a favourite photo, with a little know-how, you can scan it into your computer and upload it here and we’ll turn it into a high quality canvas for you.

Do you still have the ticket from the first cinema date you went on with your other half? The ticket from your first ever first gig with your best friend? A leaflet from the hotel you stayed at when you went on your dream holiday? Or, the name tag from your friend’s crazy hen do you went on in Liverpool? It’s a shame to put all these memories in a box hidden above your wardrobe, or taking up unnecessary space. Just like your old photos you could create priceless and eye-catching piece of wall art, that’ll you’ll treasure forever.

Has anyone tried these ideas before? Or have you turned other items you own into amazing wall art? Please share your ideas with us!