“Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” It’s a well-known question with a well-known answer and we want to help you ensure the response each and every time is: “You’re the fairest of them all.” All with the help of your very own custom canvas print, of course.

Inspired in part by the phantom framer, who has been creating his very own street art by adding beautiful frames to signs, we started thinking about how a frame can change the meaning, purpose and possibilities of a print. Our personalised canvas are easy to hang without the need to add a frame but that doesn’t mean you can’t add one if you want.

In fact, today’s how to is all about creating your own magic mirror or through the looking glass canvas print by adding a frame to your photograph or illustration. Here’s the three-step process…

Step one: choose your mirror image

Ensure you’re always the fairest of them all by placing a photo of you in a canvas complete with mirror-style frame. Use a portrait of you or your lucky print recipient and use editing tools to add a little shimmer. For something a little more fantastical, create your own world Through the Looking Glass by editing a landscape photograph or illustration to make it all topsy-turvy, perhaps you’ll sneak an afternoon tea scene into the picture?

Step two: add your frame

With Parrotprint you can upload your photos straight from Instagram, so you could try using one of the many Insta apps to select the perfect frame for your surreal print. Try big and ornate for an authentic fairytale feel!

Step 3: upload and transfer to canvas

Once you have your picture in the frame, it’s time to transfer your image to canvas. You’ll probably want to select a portrait print so that you can stand tall in front of your ‘mirror’.  Next you’ll need to choose one our 8 print sizes. In this case bigger really is better – we think the 30” x 40” and the 20” x 30” are the most dramatic options. To ensure your canvas print mimics the look of the mirror you’ll need to select the ‘image wrap’ finish, so your frame will run around the edge of your print.

What do you think of our mystical mirror idea?  It would look perfectly at home hanging in a nursery or playroom alongside these other ideas for canvas prints for kids.