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Mother’s Day is fast approaching and this year the celebrations are happening even sooner than you think. This year Mother’s Day is taking place on March 6, but don’t panic, you’ve still got plenty of time to find that perfect personalised present.

This year we’re ditching flowers, chocolates and perfume, and opting for a more creative gift that your mum can enjoy for years to come. If you’ve got a flair for photography or art, then why not choose to give your mum a stunning canvas print? To ensure you give your mum a gift that has the wow-factor, we’ve put together some creative Mother’s Day ideas that she’s bound to love.

From Scan To Now
We’re sure your mum will agree that having a child was the most amazing experience in her life, not to mention emotional, so how about you capture the journey of her pregnancy until now. We’re thinking three photos across three canvas panels; a scan or bump photo, a photo of you as a baby or toddler and a photo of you now. We promise this striking canvas print will be the best present your mum ever receives, as it’s bursting with memories that she can look at for years to come.

There’s no denying your mum will have kept her scan photos and all your baby photos. All you have to do is find your favourite ones without her catching you – good luck! Once you’ve found your perfect photos, upload them here and you can place them how you desire.

If you’re still unsure about how split canvas prints work, then take a look at our simple explanation here.

Mum’s Famous Quotes
If you’re a fan of the inspirational quotes trend on Pinterest, then why not take this idea and turn it into something personal for your mum.

There’s no denying your mum will have said certain things to you a million and one times. You know what we’re talking about – “make sure you wear your coat,” “what have I told you about parking on the drive?” and “make sure you text me when you arrive.” We think it would be a funny present if you displayed all these across a canvas print. Plus, you’re showing that you actually listened, so that’s a good thing, right?

Three Generations
If you’re lucky enough to have three or even four generations in the family, then Mother’s Day is definitely a good excuse to capture the moment. We suggest taking photos in a place that means something to everyone. For example, the house that’s everyone goes to for Christmas or the dining room where the whole family sits down for Sunday dinner. This aspect will give your canvas prints more memories for your mum to enjoy.

When it comes to taking these photos you don’t need to splash the cash on an expensive camera. Simply take a few photos using your smartphone and upload them here, and we’ll turn them into professional-looking canvas prints.

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