First Birthday Photo Shoot Ideas

Children’s birthdays are always special, but that very first birthday deserves a little extra celebration. So much so that first birthday photography shoots have become a very popular tradition, with parents and photographers seeking to capture the ambience of a very magical moment in time. If you’ve got a first birthday coming up in the family, here are a just a few shoot ideas to help you mark the occasion. We can’t wait to see the personalised baby canvas prints you produce!

Cake Smash

The first birthday Cake Smash is probably the most well-known of all the staged first birthday shoots. The tradition established itself in the UK after first becoming popular in the US. As many babies get their very first taste of cake on their birthday, the idea is to grab some photographic evidence and have plenty of fun as they do. Cake smash shoots are all about colour, funny faces and they frequently incorporate fun first birthday outfits too. Find some inspiration in our how to set up a cake smash shoot post.

Fruit Smash

Following hot in the footsteps of the cake smash is the equally colourful and messy fruit smash. A great alternative to cake for those who want to encourage a lifetime of healthy eating or for babies who are allergic to some of the common ingredients of cake, 1st birthday fruit smash shoots are increasingly finding favour. Want to give it a go yourself? Try making a tower out of pieces of fruit cut into interesting shapes or you can even assemble the fruit in the shape of cake. If you choose to concentrate on one fruit such as watermelon you can then coordinate props such as bunting to match.

Golden Boobies Shoot

For many mothers, their child’s first birthday also marks a year of breastfeeding. In recent years it has become popular to commemorate different stages in the breastfeeding journey and at one year of breastfeeding you’re awarded your golden boobies! If you’ll be getting your golden boobies on your child’s first birthday, you may want to think about arranging a mother and baby breastfeeding shoot to snap some photos you’ll treasure forever.

Flowers or Leaves

Snapping photographs of little ones enjoying the nature around them is another great set up for first birthday photograph opportunities. Of course, you’ll need to be led by the seasons themselves. If you’ve been blessed with a child born in spring or summer, you could try shooting in a field of flowers in bloom. And for those autumn babies the crunch and colours of falling leaves are fun for boys and girls to explore while you snap.

Ball Pit or Bubbles

By now you should be realising that promoting interaction is a common theme in first birthday shoots. If you’d like to stage a shoot inside your own home or garden – a ball bit or simple bubble bath can be a great way to go. These props can provide a focus for the child and hopefully, inspire smiles and faces of delight – perfect photography fodder.

Favourite Things

Does your little one have a favourite toy? Do they have favourite game or a favourite place right now? Maybe they love to eat a particular food? We all know babies grow up too fast, so why not try and remember them exactly how they are now by shooting a series of photos of them enjoying their favourite things? This is a shoot idea you can recreate on birthdays to come and will give you lots of lovely images for montage canvas prints or triptychs.

Have you attempted a first birthday shoot at home? If so, did you try out any of the ideas above or try something different? We’d love to hear your creative ideas, so leave us a comment below.