Instead of being “under canvas”, let’s think about being “on” it, with some ways to make the most of the premium high quality canvas print opportunities offered by Parrot Print

• Taking a permanent holiday

There are places you long to be, or more often, wish you were again. Creating a superb photo canvas print for your wall can take you back to that spot, remind you of that moment. You could place it at home, or in your office, to remind you of sunny days, beaches lazed, mountains climbed, temples uncovered, friends discovered – whatever you need to cheer you up as yet another howling rainstorm lashes around outside!

• Offering an ongoing memory

Special events in your life have always been caught on film. Nowadays, most albums seem to be online, flicked through and gone. It doesn’t have to be like that. Transferring your most treasured photos onto canvas offers a permanent reminder of the important people in your life, often captured at important moments in their lives. Whether it is a birth, christening, birthday, engagement, wedding, anniversary, party – or even a parting – these moments mean much more when placed in a permanent position on your wall, rather than a fleeting moment onscreen.

• Telling an important story

There are more than simply personal opportunities to tell a great story. A business might catalogue its proud history with a series of  quality canvas prints. Visitors could walk along a corridor and, in just a few seconds, understand some key points about the longevity and development of a company or organisation. Sports clubs could display the great successes in a way more inspiring than simply a photo or news story in a frame.

• Commemorating a specific event

Local groups – whether it be am-dram or sky-diving – could show what they’re about. In fact, these organisations might even think about fund-raising by selling canvas prints to members, their families, or friends. It’s not a stretch to imagine all of the cast of a local production of Oklahoma or their annual pantomime being keen to own such a stylish canvas alternative to a simple cast photo.

• Presenting a pooch or a parrot

What better way to have a permanent memory of a beloved pet than to commit them, at their most fetching of course, to the permanence of quality photo canvas printing? At least the parrot on the wall won’t embarrass you with its talking triumphs when the vicar comes to tea!

Over to you

You’ll have more ideas of your own, no doubt, and we’d love to hear them. Then we can work with you to select the images you want to cherish, agree the best size and style for recreating them, and then produce a print to the standard that museums and archives demand.

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Family Holiday Photo Transferred in to canvas