Choosing the right canvas print to suit your décor can be a challenge. Perhaps you have a blank wall that is crying out for attention, or maybe you are planning a complete makeover for your room and need some inspiration.

Picking the right photo or image for your canvas print is essential if you want to create a stunning focal point that you can appreciate for many years to come. Here are some tips that will help you to choose the perfect quality canvas for any wall.

1. Get creative with colour

When it comes to choosing a custom canvas print, colour is going to play a very important role. The trick here is to choose a colour that complements your wall colour and décor rather than matching it perfectly. If you choose a photo that is too similar to your wall colour, e.g. a seascape on a duck egg blue wall, you risk the print blending in too much to its background and losing impact. A colour wheel (you can find these in art shops and even online) can give you great insight into which colours contrast with each other to give the best effect.

2. Measure first to avoid disappointment

Measuring your wall space is so important. The last thing you want is to find that the canvas print you have ordered is too big for your wall or is dwarfed by too much free space. In addition to measuring the height and width of your wall, consider the furniture around it such as lampshades or shelving. A big and bold canvas print will make a great statement but not so much when it is surrounded by clutter or large items of furniture.

3. Consider a triptych canvas print for larger rooms

If you have a long room to decorate, you might want to consider a triptych print – this is a large canvas print that is split into three pieces and placed together on the wall with spaces in between to create one big picture again. The effect can be simply stunning. You might also want to consider ordering a series of photos that complement each other and hanging them side by side. Canvas prints always seem to look more effective when hung in threes so consider this when choosing your photos.

4. Match the subject to the décor

Another great idea is to match the subject of your photos with the décor of your room. For example, if your bedroom has a contemporary feel, you might want to print photos from a New York holiday or a metropolitan skyline you have found online. If you favour a more traditional style, how about countryside landscapes or family photos taken during a long hot English summer? The possibilities are endless.

At Parrot Print Canvas, we give you the freedom and inspiration to have the photos that are closest to your heart printed onto premium quality canvas. Whilst finding the right photograph might be a challenge, we make ordering the perfect canvas print a breeze.

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Modern lliving room interior with Cliffs of Moher picture