While it might be nice to see a stunningly poised portrait of our little angels, it’s no secret that’s not how they behave most of the time. Rather than having stiff, posed photos in our kids, it’s a nice idea to try to get interesting action shots of them, full of joy and life. Childhood is fleeting, so your beautiful photo to canvas portraits of your children will help us to remember them how they are now.

Getting it on Canvas

Nowadays, many photos are simply stored away online or on computers, but it’s great to have physical copies, too. We can go one further and taking a portrait of our children with the intention of transferring the photo onto canvas. Getting children’s photos turned into high quality canvas prints is a really special way of displaying them in the home and is a memento that could last a lifetime.

Think About Setting

Natural lighting is by far the best for getting gorgeous photos of kids, so pick an outdoor space. It’s nice to document fun family days out, so bring a camera when going to the park or the beach. Otherwise, photos taken in the backyard will do just fine. Don’t get married to one specific backdrop though, because letting kids explore is more likely to yield good pictures.

Take Lots of Photos

Children move quickly and sometimes what we think is going to be the perfect photo won’t turn out the way we wanted. Taking plenty of pictures is a surefire way of capturing some of the best moments. Cameras with a multi-shot mode can prove handy here. Since it’s easier to transfer the best quality photos to canvas, it’s a good idea to have lots of options to choose from so it’s possible to weed out any that are slightly blurred or out of focus.

Leave Them to It

We all know that children can be contrary, so leave them to it, letting them play and explore however they normally would. Telling kids what to do is often the best way of getting them to do exactly the opposite. Try to keep a low profile and not engage with them too much, so they won’t get conscious of the camera, just let them play as usual and snap plenty of shots. Doing things this way means that we’re able to get some lovely action shots of our kids running, jumping, dancing, playing and laughing.

Utilise Props

Sometimes when children know we’re trying to photograph them, they become self conscious and don’t know what to do with themselves. This is where props can be useful. We’re not talking anything out of the ordinary here, just toys or other such items. For instance, give a couple of kids some toy swords and take photos of them having epic pirate duels or give a child some colourful chalks and ask them to draw you a picture on the stone slabs of the patio — magical photos ensue. These kinds of fun shots can make great premium canvas prints.

Get on the Level

We can sometimes forget that not everyone sees the world from an adult’s perspective. Taking photos of children from our full standing height aren’t going to be the best or most engaging. When we get down to roughly the same level as our children, the photos look more natural and in touch with the subject, not to mention that you’ll avoid getting shots from unusual angles.

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Custom canvas prints of children playing