One of the best ways to bring some colour to a room is to adorn the walls with canvas art. Wall-mounted pictures create a great first impression because they draw attention and create a focal point in the room.

The living room is typically the largest area of the house, and the majority of us spend most of our time there – whether it’s chilling out in front of the television or entertaining friends, an eye-catching piece of art on a good quality canvas print makes a great conversation starter, and can brighten up even the dullest of rooms.

Of course, finding the right picture can sometimes prove tricky. It can be difficult to find a photo canvas which matches the aesthetic of a room, and if you’re on a budget, original artworks are often simply too expensive. Thankfully, there’s an affordable way to source completely unique custom canvas art with a personal touch.

It’s now possible to transfer a photo on canvas in just a few simple steps, and increasing numbers of people are choosing to hang premium canvas prints on their walls in order to bring an attractive yet personal touch to the home. In previous years, canvas printing proved a somewhat cumbersome task, whereas now companies such as UK based Parrot Print offer excellent quality photo canvas printing online with just a few simple mouse clicks. It’s possible to upload a photo and have it optimised for canvas printing using Parrot Print’s unique algorithmic methods which ensure a professional quality print, 100% of the time.

Getting creative

Before deciding which pictures to print, it’s important to think about colour. You may have a great photo, but be certain to take some time to consider whether the colour palette matches the aesthetics of the room. If not, it’s possible to edit or use filters in order to complement your décor.

Once you’ve transferred your best photos to canvas, it’s time to unleash your inner interior designer. Everybody has their own tastes, although there are some tried-and-tested methods when it comes to canvas placement, which are guaranteed to bring some life to your living room.

Large canvas prints work particularly well above the fireplace or mantelpiece. The fireplace is typically the centre point of the room, and will be further enhanced with a personalised canvas print positioned directly above it. When hanging your wall canvas, it’s wise to give some consideration to space – as a rule of thumb, large canvas prints work best when hung between twelve and eighteen inches above the mantelpiece.

Ultimately, the real beauty of using an online canvas printing company to order your own prints is that it allows you to have full creative control over your canvas wall art. After all, everybody has their own style – and what better form of self-expression than to adorn your walls with your own creations?

Living room with personalised canvas art