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If you enjoyed our latest post on photography projects to get your camera stuck into, then you’re in for a treat because we have even more for you to get snappy with in 2016.

Projects are a great way to kickstart your creativity, get your photos seen, make new friends and most importantly, have fun. So, here at Parrot Print we’ve put together some exciting photography projects that’ll not only improve your photographing skills, but will help you try something new and expand your portfolio.

52 photography walks
If one of your new year’s resolutions is to get fitter or do more exercise, then this project will complement this goal nicely. Rather than taking selfies and pictures of what you’re doing indoors, this project is all about getting outdoors and capturing the scenery. Your task is to snap one outdoor area or stunning landscape every week for 52 weeks. From bustling city streets to quite local parks, this project will not only expand your portfolio but you’ll also visit new and exciting places.

100 strangers
If you love meeting new people then this project is right up your street. If you’re shy, then this is a great project that can bring you out of your shell. The idea behind 100 strangers is to approach someone you’ve never met before and ask them if you’re able to take their picture and get some background information on them. Once you have, you simply upload your image with a short description about your stranger and repeat it 99 more times. Not only will you result it a huge portrait portfolio, but you might even make a friend or contact. Check out the 100 strangers Flickr group for inspiration and to see who others have captured.

Pick one thing
This project will really capture the fun side of your personality and inject some excitement into your portfolio. The point of this project is to pick one thing and capture only that thing. For example, you could pick the colour blue and only photograph blue things for that day or week. Another example could be only snapping objects that are square. An example that would tie in nicely with the 100 strangers project is capturing photos of other peoples shoes. Since everyone wears different shoes you’re going to end up with a vast collection of photos.

Go monochrome
If you fancy taking apart in the 365 day project, then you may want to incorporate this one into your schedule as well. For a period of time during the 365 day project or maybe it can be something you pick for the day, week or month, but instead of capturing images in colour, capture them in black and white. This project aims to help improve your skills at converting photos into black and white. You never know, this may even change the way you capture images in the future.

Let’s go on a scavenger hunt
If you don’t want to a personal project then get involved with this fun game with a group of friends. The aspect behind scavenger hunt is pretty simple. You need someone to come up with a list of things and it can be anything, and everyone within your group has to capture images that represents the things on the list. You could even have a prize for whoever completes the list first. The great thing about this is everyone who takes part with snap a completely different image, so the results with all be varied and much more interesting. Check out what you have to search for this December in the scavenger hunt group.

Have you got any projects in mind for 2016? What projects have you completed this year? Don’t forget to share your photos with us on Facebook and Twitter