Half term is upon us, which means there are kids up and down the country demanding extra entertainment. Whether you’re hoping to save the pennies or you’d like to unleash your child’s inner creative, we’ve put together a few ideas to keep them busy with drawing or painting. Whatever illustration project they plump for, perhaps you could transfer their best efforts onto a canvas print for them?

Drawings for their favourite book
As children, we’re often introduced to art through the fantastic illustrations in children’s books. Stories provide great sparks for drawing and painting ideas, so why not set out the craft kit after a reading session together? You could take inspiration from the illustrations in their favourite books or draw characters and scenes from stories that aren’t illustrated or perhaps even imagine what would happen next after the story has ended. World Book Day is coming up soon, so why not get thinking about your favourite books now?

Nature watch
If you missed the RSPB big garden bird watch at the end of January, there’s still time to capture some of the fantastic nature of the winter months. If it’s too cold to sit in the garden and observe or to get the pens and pencils out while on a walk, why not try drawing things you can see out of the window or taking photographs to try and recreate yourselves?

A drawing a day
We’ve all seen those fabulous photo a day projects. They are used to capture self-portraits, happy moments (think 100 happy days) or to celebrate those around us. Why not encourage your little ones to draw a picture every day for the rest of the holidays to show what they’ve enjoyed doing during the break? There’s no need to keep things factual if their imagination is running riot, you might find some fantastical scenes emerge!

Shades and shapes
If you think creating a geometric prints is beyond the realms of most kids you’d be wrong! Armed with a few household items little ones can create their own studies in colour and shape in a variety of mediums. Draw around food cans for perfect circles and use combs dipped in paint for straight lines and swirls and you can make some striking geometric pictures to be proud of.

Do you enjoy doing craft projects with your kids in the holidays? What kinds of things have you been doing and does drawing or photography make it onto your list? We’d love to hear what you’ve been up to.