We’ve been treated to some rather lovely weather in the UK over the past few days and the sun is predicted to be staying around for some time yet.

Just in case the picture perfect weather disappears sooner than expected, we’ve put together a few ideas to help you bring the sunshine indoors by transferring some of your favourite sunshine snaps onto a beautiful canvas print.

Where to hang your prints

For an instant lift when you step into your house after a long day at work, pick out your favourite sun-soaked images and create your own canvas prints to hang in the hallway.  A single piece of warm, welcoming artwork is said to create good Feng Shui by providing a burst of positive energy at the entrance to your abode. Choose one image to transfer to canvas and select one of our larger sizes, which go right up to 30”x40”. Alternatively, make your own sunny storyboard to welcome you in. You can use lots of our small 12”x16” canvas prints and arrange them to tell the story of a day out or holiday or pick out one of our split printed canvasses, which allow you to print several images onto one canvas.

What to photograph

Photographing the sun is a tricky business and one that we tackled a little in our previous how to capture sunsets post. Shooting the sun in the sky and creating a digital print canvas to hang in your home will ensure you’ll see sunshine even on a rainy day. However, there are other ways to warm your home with happy memories of sunny moments. How about taking some photos of your next picnic or barbecue to hang in your kitchen or taking some sporty shots of a family football session playing out in the sunshine?

 Shooting your sunny snap

Whether you’re working with a point and shoot or a DSLR, you don’t want to risk the health of your eyes – or your camera – by looking directly at the sun. Use a solar lens and live view shooting for sunny sky shots and don’t be tempted to point straight at the sun. It’s far easier to capture the impact of the sun than the sun itself and you’ll be surprised how much photographs can suggest ‘sunshine’ even when the sun itself is not visible.

Some of the best family photos are those that are not posed but it’s hard to stop people standing still and smiling once they catch sight of the camera. Get everyone used to being around the camera without feeling self-conscious by taking the camera out on family trips as a matter of course and take a lot of shots. You should find people soon start to relax and you are able to take some shots filled with plenty of warmth and happy memories.

And, when it comes to transferring your photo onto canvas, you can be confident that you’ll get high quality artwork from your images thanks to our automatic photo quality detection tool, which helps ensure you select the best images for your canvas size.

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