It’s nearing that time of year when many of us pack our suitcases and head on holiday. While a certain mobile phone network is still warning people not to flood social media and smartphone inboxes with too much #holidayspam, we at Parrot Print want to encourage people to take lots of photographs on holiday. You might want to stick to snapping melting lollies, selfies, hot dog legs and cocktails at sunset or want to plan your entire holiday around your love of photography.

Today’s blog post covers holiday planning for those who want to make photography the purpose rather than a product of their summer break.

Booking a photography holiday

Choosing a holiday destination based on your photography goals takes a good deal of consideration. You may want to focus on papping a particular spot; the Niagara Falls or the Inca ruins in Peru might be at the top of your ‘to photograph’ list, which makes choosing your destination a doddle. Another option is to select your destination based on your photography interests, this article from Popphoto includes location choices from professional photographers based on their interest in capturing man and beast, buildings and beautiful landscapes. It also has some helpful tips of what to pack in your camera bag based on your location.

The Unesco website is another good place to look if you have a particular photography interest, here you will find world heritage sites of cultural and natural significance that are well worth a look through your lens.

Booking a photography  tour will put you among likeminded people you can share experiences with and while these can be expensive it can help you uncover photo opportunities you might otherwise miss and will take away the hassle of organising things yourself. As you don’t want to waste money or your annual leave, make sure you check out independent reviews of any tour before you book and think about whether the locations covered will fit with your interests. It’s not all about landscapes of course, though we do love landscape canvas prints.

To get an idea about potential photo opportunities and required skill levels, ask to see photos taken by people who have been on the tour/trip in the past rather than looking at the work of the holiday guides. If you’re working toward a specific photography goal, don’t be afraid to get in touch with operators to set your own trip objectives. In smaller groups you might find it easier to get your perfect shot, so ask how big the trip is and don’t forget to look up the accommodation on offer too.

Holiday photo competitions

Wherever you go on holiday, make sure you don’t let your photographs sit on your camera or phone! Transfer your favourite images to canvas by uploading them on our site to create your own custom canvas prints and think about putting them to further good use too! Every year travel agents, newspapers, blogs and magazines hold holiday photograph competitions with prizes that range from cash and cameras through to holidays. The Telegraph’s Big Picture is just one example. Don’t forget to check the small print before you enter though  – you may find you have to hand over copyright or agree to take part in promotion as part of the prize, so always read things through before you submit. 

Have you ever been on a photography holiday or do you prefer to organise your own trips? Where’s your favourite photography destination and where’s top of your to-visit list? Share your tips in the comments below or come and join in the chat on Twitter, we’re @Parrotprint.