While it was not the first instant camera, the Polaroid camera is perhaps the most well known of its type. Despite the company announcing production would be stopped in 2008, the cameras are still being made and thanks to the distinctive photographs they produce are still very much in demand.

Unfortunately, this snap and print camera equipment doesn’t produce images that lend themselves well to display. Firstly, Polaroids print in one size only and secondly, there’s all that white space on the cards they’re printed on. Since we’re creative types here at Parrotprint HQ, we’re going to share a few ways you can get round these issues, so you can produce your own large scale personalised Polaroid canvas print that’s ready to hang on the wall.

A ‘polaroid’ print canvas in three simple steps 

1) You’ll need to create the frame or card for the Polaroid pic yourself. You could draw this onto paper or use computer editing software then insert a square photograph in the middle. Customise the print further with the date, a signature or your own caption.

2) Upload your print to our site. You can choose how your image is laid on the canvas, don’t forget you’ll need white around the bottom of your print and right around the edges to make it look more like a polaroid.

3) Finally, just choose the size and send to print. If you want to give your print as a gift, you can get it delivered direct to your chosen recipient.

They’re not easy to display and the cameras don’t lend themselves to all types of photography. Plus, they only print in one size. Bear in mind it’s going to be a square image. Can use your Instragram photos so they have filters too.

Polaroid montage

Of course, there’s nothing stopping you creating your own artwork directly from Polaroid images, all you need to do is scan them into your computer and upload as you would a normal photo. You can even create your own montage of Polaroid photographs this way, ensuring the originals don’t get lost or dog-eared while on display. And, if you’re not a Polaroid camera owner it needn’t be a barrier to this type of project, thanks to a recent invention you can turn your own smartphone into an instant print camera!

What would you photograph and turn into a giant Polaroid canvas print? Do you have an instant camera or will you be using a trick or two to create the look yourself?