In recent years the popularity of infographics has risen dramatically as people seek to visualise data and facts in interesting, shareable ways. Take a look online and you’ll find infographics everywhere, there’s the Information is Beautiful website, The Guardian Data Blog and that’s before you’ve even browsed visual.lyy or Pinterest. While infographics have definitely found a home online, we happen to think they have lots of use offline and more specifically, on your walls!

From design agencies through to restaurants, infographics can provide some appealing and unique eye candy. Here’s what you need to know…

Why infographics?

Infographics are a great way to present lots of information in a simple manner. Through the use of imagery, icons and typography you can tell a story, describe a process or compare statistics. They’re often used to visually represent surveys and polls or collect together a lot of information on one topic, making it easier to understand the subject at a glance. Infographics are frequently used by brands as part of content marketing and advertising strategies, the idea is that people will share the attractive visualisations, raising awareness of the brand in the process.   

Tips for making your own infographics

An infographic should always make the topic easier to understand rather than complicating matters visually. Whether you’re using your own data or collating the research of others, accurate sourcing and referencing where appropriate is key. The reasons for this are twofold; firstly, you don’t want to accidentally breach copyright. Secondly, citing information will reassure your audience. You should also try to ensure the information you use is as up to date as possible.  Of course, good design skills are what are most likely to get your infographic noticed and you may choose to incorporate photographs, illustrations and other graphic design work to catch your audience’s eye.

Turning infographics into custom canvas prints

If you initially designed an infographic for online use there’s no reason why it can’t be given a new lease of life on a wall somewhere. For design agencies, custom canvas prints of the infographics you’ve worked can help you display your portfolio and decorate the office at the same time. Timeline infographics transfer well to panaromic canvas prints and in restaurants a long tall infographic can explain your menu, product sourcing strategy or introduce people to the ingredients behind the food on your plate. Whether educational, entertaining or both, infographics can be great sales tools!

Have you ever made an infographic for your business? If you’d like to see how it would look on your walls, just use our easy uploader and transfer your image to canvas.