Make January about a whole different type of indulgence by feasting on art, photography and performance. Feed your creativity by taking yourself to exhibitions and art shows, as well as joining new and exciting projects that give life to your imagination.

Here are some ideas to get you started…


Yves Klein

Where: Tate Modern Liverpool

When: until 5 March 2017

Said to have ‘extraordinary creativity’, Yves Klein was considered one of the most influential figures in the post-war era. Tate Modern in Liverpool is showing a collection of the artist’s work that spans his career in the 40s, 50s and 60s.

The exhibition ‘throws fresh light on his artistic practice’, presenting around 40 major works some of which have never been seen before in the UK.

The collection embraces painting, sculpture, performance, theatre, film, photography, music and judo, showing Klein’s bold attitude to art and life. Klein is said to have influenced numerous other artists over the years as well as foreseeing artistic movements including pop, performance art, installation and conceptual.


Swans, Gloves, Roses and Pancakes

Where: Tower Bridge Exhibition, London

When: until 31 March 2017

Tower Bridge has created its first major photography exhibition Swans, Gloves, Roses and Pancakes, presenting works by British photographer Martin Parr.

Parr is described as having an eye for uncovering details in the everyday, and can capture moments that may normally go unseen or unnoticed. His work gives a behind-the-scenes look at the high-profile public occasions that take place in London.

Expect quirky events such as:

  • City of London’s annual pancake race
  • The Gloves Ceremony hosted by The Worshipful Company at the Royal Courts of Justice
  • The Rose Ceremony held by members of The Company of Watermen and Lightermen

The resulting photographs offer a different look at London, documenting and celebrating the contrast between the modernity of the city and the ancient traditions associated with it. A celebration of the human perspective with a dash of humour.

The exhibition is displayed in the historic Engine Rooms at Tower Bridge.

Getting involved

Family Photography Now

Where: Instagram

When: March 11 2017

What do we mean by ‘family’? The Family Photography Now project looks at how communication, wealth distribution, migration, the institution of marriage and family law is changing the way we view family.

The 40-week Instagram project is led by The Photographers’ Gallery in collaboration with publisher Thames & Hudson.  It aims to dispel the myth of the normal family – showing, instead, the ‘myriad ways in which a family today can be made up’.

This is a collaborative social media art project that you can join in every week. Check out the week’s photographs that have gone before, and drop in each week to see what the next area of focus is. Each week there is a chance to have your work featured in Guardian Family.

We hope these exhibitions give you food for thought for your next photo canvas. We also have some great advice on putting together an online photography portfolio to get your work seen, as well as tips on combining photography and illustration for creative wall art.