Taking a striking photo on your smartphone that can be used on canvas prints is quite impressive, however, winning an international photography competition with an image you snapped on your iPhone really defines your skills as a photographer.

We don’t know about you, but here at Parrot Print we get rather excited to see the winners of the IPPAwards and this year was no different!

The Winners –
The grand prize winner was Siyuan Niu with his Man And The Eagle image. Siyuan was born in 1980 and lives in China in the Xinjiang Province. The image he captured showcases a strong bond between a man and his eagle. Talking about his composition, Siyuan said: “The brave and wise Khalkhas live along the mountains in the south of Xinjiang and are companions with the eagles. They regard eagles as their children and train them for many years to hunt.

“This 70 year old man is rigid and solemn in front of family and friends, but when he is with his beloved eagle, the corner of his mouth would curve up. A mild heart and exquisite love are covered by his weather-beaten face.” No wonder Siyuan won – he was able to capture such emotions through the lens on his phone. It would make a stunning canvas print, don’t you think?

Patrick Kuleta snapped up first place with his Modern Cathedrals. After graduating from the Academy of Fine Art in Lodz, he then went on to work as a freelance graphic designer. It was during this time he discovered his passion for photography and frame-by-frame animation. “The idea [behind the image] was to make it more impressionistic, to show architecture in a completely different way that combines my background in graphic design and painting,” said Patrick.

In second place, Robin Robertis won with her incredible image of She Bends With The Wind. It’s Robin’s job to travel around the world to capture unique and emotionally compelling photos. She added: “When others shoot the sunsets and beautiful scenery, I like to photograph some human aspects in these scenes.”

Last, but certainly not least, in third place was Carolyn Mara Borlenghi with her Wonderland image. Carolyn is a conceptual photographer and has exhibited in many galleries around the USA. “This image was taken as part of a series I did for Instragam’s #WHPwonderland. For this one I went on a little adventure with my son to the beach and we wore the reindeer masks,” said Carolyn.

Looking at these images it’s incredible to think that they were captured on an iPhone. The best thing about this competition is every year the quality of the images gets better and better because each year the iPhone improves. And with lots of rumours surrounding the upcoming release of the iPhone 7 it’s exciting to think what next year’s competition will yield.

If you haven’t yet heard, the new iPhone is set to release in September and according to the Mirror this iPhone could blow the others away. It’s great news for photographers , as leaks reveal that the new iPhone is likely to have a larger camera.

This improved feature combined with the new developments in technology means that iPhones ought to be able to produce SLR quality images.

Your home decor should hopefully reap the rewards of the improved camera on the iPhone 7 as you’re able to transfer picture to canvas by simply uploading them instantly from Facebook or Instagram on your phone, and since you don’t need your laptop it will take a matter of minutes.

If the thought of the new iPhone has inspired you and you want to practice before the competition comes round again, then take some inspiration from the approach of winner Carolyn and try out some new photography projects. These projects are a great way to test out your smartphone and see what angles, filters and apps work in creating the ultimate photograph.

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