Whether you’re setting sail for sunnier climates or enjoying a staycation in the UK, the annual summer holiday tends to be the time you are most likely to reach for the camera.

There are certain holiday shots we all take time and again, including some classics recently named as Top10.com’s most cliched holiday photos. Nestled in the list is the sunset beach snap, which we talked through taking on our blog a few months ago, you can check out our tips here. Today we thought we’d give you a little general advice about holiday photography and how to put your holiday snaps to best use. And, in a few of our future posts we will look at a few of the more classic (or clichéd) shots and how to take them.

Your holiday camera kit

Compact cameras and mirrorless cameras tend to be the most popular choices for families to take on their travels because of their lightweight nature. It’s perfectly possible to take good holiday photos with these without having to pack a DSLR, sacrificing space for that extra pair of swimming trunks in the process! And, if in a packing frenzy you forget to pack any camera at all, you can take some tips from our Smartphone photography guide.

If you can, pack a few accessories too. A camera bag is an essential for keeping your camera safe when dropped or knocked, but be sure to consider your own security too – is it obvious you are carrying a camera? Are you going to an area where this might tempt thieves? Spare camera batteries and memory cards are also among the basics, consider adding an LED light and card for reflecting light too, these can provide assistance when flash isn’t quite called for.

Get everyone involved

Being the official holiday photographer can weigh heavy as a responsibility and take a little of the joy out of the experience. Take turns at being in charge of the camera and get the kids interested in what they can achieve at an early age. Of course, you’ll want to spend a little time educating them about the camera and how to use it, which buttons to press and what to avoid!

Show them how to take simple photographs under supervision and talk them through the basics of light, you may even want to introduce to them the rule of thirds. Children are often able to see things adults just don’t spot and very literally provide a different perspective with the camera, so make photography part of the holiday fun for everyone.

Did you take a winning snap?

We know that many of the customised canvas prints we produce started off as holiday photographs and in our eyes these are all winning photographic moments, as they’re scenes, faces and events that our customers choose to transfer to canvas prints and treasure forever. Phone service provider Three launched their own campaign to stop holiday photographs taking over social media this summer, which has in turn been counteracted by Virgin holidays, who are encouraging holidaymakers to share their snaps using the #showoff hashtag. Finally, if you’ve taken a photograph you are particularly proud of, submit it to @British_Airwasy as part of their #bestholidayever comp and you could win a free flight. Don’t forget to transfer your potential winner onto a customised photo to canvas print too using our easy uploader.

Family Holiday Canvas Photography Tips