Searching for the perfect gift for someone special or looking for a quirky stocking filler? Then start your festive shop here with these must-have gifts for photography enthusiasts. Novelty items have never looked so good. From purse-friendly treats to the latest gadgets, you just need to splurge on. Go on, it’s time to spoil them rotten!

gifts for photography enthusiasts

Polaroid SX-70 Camera

The SX-70 Original was the first instant SLR ever made. For those who collect cameras or appreciate the art for instant film, this is the perfect gift. This style of camera was beloved by artists and photographers, such as Andy Warhol and Ansel Adams. It’s a camera that’s steeped in history and still to this day takes high-quality photos. Whether the gift’s recipient places it on display or uses it to hone their photography skills, it’s a present that they’re going to treasure for years to come.

The camera allows for manual focus as close as 26cm and has an automatic variable shutter speed. It’s also fitted with a film shield to protect the photos from the light, as well as a light/dark wheel. It might be a huge part of your budget, but this unique piece of equipment will be so worth it.

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Camera Lens Bracelet

For the professional photographer, who knows their camera lens, this is a great personalised gift. Experienced photographer, Adam Elmakias, set up an online store selling silicone bracelets that resemble various camera lenses from the Nikon and Canon range. It’s a great way for your special someone to show their love for photography when they’re not snapping. If you know their preferred lens that’s even better!

Lowepro Fastpack Series

This may not be the most entertaining gift, but it is one that every budding photographer needs. From cameras to tripods, and even laptops, carrying a lot of equipment can be difficult. This is where the Lowepro Fastpack series comes in.

To ensure every photographer is travel-ready, this next generation of backpack is designed to fit a DSLR, a couple of extra lens and a laptop or tablet. Plus there’s also room for their personal items. Whether they are just walking home or catching the train to a professional shoot, this style of bag is ideal for both a novice and expert photographer.

Optical Phone Camera Lens Kit

If you’re searching for quirky but handy stocking fillers, then you should definitely add this to your list. The optical phone camera lens kit is a lens that simply clips onto a smartphone and gives uber-telephoto powers (that’s 12x more than what a built-in lens can provide).

It’s a useful piece of technology that can dramatically improve smartphone pictures, and when it’s not in use it will easily fit inside pockets or bags. Ideal for the buddy enthusiast who’s just getting started with photography or for a professional who’s looking to capture images in a different way.

Photography Courses

There’s nothing more valuable to a beginner than a photography course, making this the ultimate Christmas gift. Courses are a great way for photography enthusiasts to learn the basics and various practical skills, so they can either start a new hobby or a new career. If you’re not sure where to look, then these top-ranking universities are a great place to start.

What items have you got on your Christmas list? Please share any fantastic gadgets or quirky gift ideas with us!