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If you have a sweet tooth then you’re in for a treat, as today is National Sponge Cake Day! But, that’s not it, in fact there’s a few dessert days we’re celebrating this week. August 24 – National Peach Pie and National Waffle Day, August 25 – National Banana Split Day and last, but not least, August 26 – National Cherry Popsicle Day.

Talking about cakes, desserts and baking, if you haven’t already noticed here, here and here, is one of our favourite things here at Parrot Print Canvas, and since there’s so many National Dessert days we thought we’d pay tribute with some inspired canvas prints to don on your kitchen walls.

A tasty mess
Whether you’re new to baking or you’re a bit of a pro baking results in a messy kitchen, but sometimes a tasty mess makes for a great photo. A sprinkle of flour here, a splash of icing there and a wooden spoon covered in melted chocolate to top it off. Get creative with your props, not only will these images look great on a canvas, but they’re bound to get loads of likes on Instagram too!

Fresh from the oven
Taking a cake fresh from the oven might not have the desired effect you’re after, however brownies, cookies and muffins are completely different. Just imagine gooey brownies, cookies with chocolate oozing from them and muffins that look so moist you have to do your best to resist having a nibble – sounds good enough to eat right? And if this is the image you decide to put on a canvas we’re sure you’ll have people drooling as soon as they see it.

The finishing touches
We hate to break this to you but sometimes it’s not about the cake itself, but what you put on it. True your dessert may have risen perfectly, but if you’ve checked Pinterest lately it’s all about the design on top. Whether you want to write a simple message in icing, or want to try your skills at creating something 3D, this will definitely make for a eye-catching piece of wall art.

Slice and dice
If you want to keep your canvas plain and simple then take a snap when the baking and finishing touches are done, and you’re left with the final product. Rather than just taking an image of your dessert straight on, capture more attention by cutting out a slice and arranging it in front of, or to the side – this works really well with cakes.

If you want to make sure you capture ideal photos, then check out our post on the Great British Bake Off inspired canvas prints. This post is filled with photography tips, that’ll ensure your puds look picture-perfect! Once you’re done upload your photo here and we’ll turn it into a mouth-watering high quality canvas print – yum!