Buying presents for your child’s teacher can be difficult, especially when you don’t know them very well, and it’s even more of a challenge when you know that 27 other parents will be buying the teacher a present too.

Chocolate is usually the safest option, however, there’s a good chance that the teacher in question will end up with a desk full of tubs of Maltesers and bars of Dairy Milk, and you want your gift to stand out from the crowd.

Perfumes can prove a little expensive and smellies are tricky to buy for someone that you don’t know very well, so why not purchase something a bit more personal? Not only will they enjoy it more, but they’ll appreciate the fact that you put a lot of effort into choosing the gift too.

Here are some of our creative suggestions for personal gifts that your child’s teacher will simply love…

The Canvas Card
Tradition dictates that when pupils leave school they get friends and teachers to sign shirts as something to remember them by, but what are the teachers left with? Absolutely nothing, so why don’t you give them something to remember the whole class by. Take a large blank canvas and one by one get the whole class to sign it. Simple yet effective, the teacher will not only have something from each and every child, but they can hang it in their classroom and look at it for years to come. You never know, you may start a trend and after a few years the teacher could have a wall full of them.

Moments to remember
Those class photos where everyone sits in rows and smiles at the camera are so 2015, this year is all about the selfies. All you need is a selfie stick, gather the class together and get the teacher to take the selfie – simple! Then you can surprise the teacher by uploading it to our canvas builder to transfer onto a canvas print for his or her classroom. With permission, you could even go one step further and take a few photos, one with everyone smiling and a couple more with everyone pulling funny faces and why not get some props involved too? You could then use the resulting images to make a montage canvas print or even select a triptych style canvas.

Personalised Canvas Tote
Canvas totes are super trendy right now and personalised one’s are so easy to create. There’s plenty of online stores to choose from and all you need to do is select the size, as well as the lettering and images you want placing on the bag – it couldn’t get any easier. A very simple gift, but a one that’s essential to a teacher as they use these bags everyday for carry books and their lunch.

Classroom Essentials

The best presents are always the ones that you would buy yourself, and for teachers this includes mugs, note pads, pens, pencils, files and many more classroom essentials. A cup, a lovely stationary set and a couple of cute note pads all wrapped in cellophane and you’ve got yourself a personalised hamper that they’re bound to love and find useful.
Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 17.08.44

You’ll find more inspiration in our end of term canvas prints post. Whatever you choose to create make sure you share a photo with us on Facebook and Twitter – we can’t wait to see!