A passion for photography does tend to lend itself to an appreciation of design, in all its many forms. Exploring all things visual will also help you to discover what really excites you about photography. This could allow you to experiment with different approaches with your own creations.

We’ve put together this collection of must-see online design magazines to pique your interest. From UK-specific titles, to those that are on the pulse of the design industry, you are sure to lose hours browsing these online platforms.

Best for visual culture

Eye Magazine

Started in 1990, this magazine describes itself as the ‘world’s most beautiful and collectable graphic design journal’. Eye is published quarterly and is aimed at professional designers, students and any who are interested in ‘critical, informed writing about design and visual culture’.

The magazine has a cool ‘Eye before you buy’ feature too so you can get a sneak peek of the magazine before its release.

Best for exciting industry news


With a focus on architecture and design, Icon Magazine is a beautifully presented publication showing the reader exactly what is happening right now in these two fields. Each month there are interviews with exciting architects and designers from across the globe, as well as visits to the best new buildings. The magazine analyses new cultural movements and technologies, and reviews exhibitions, books and films from an eclectic range.

Icon also gives a nod to its interpretation of the future of design.

Best for UK design

Design Week

Head to Design Week for inspiration boards, exhibition design news and the latest insight from leaders within the world of design. The magazine promises the latest news and inspiration in graphics, branding, interiors, digital, product and furniture. Design Week thinks of itself as the UK’s leading design magazine packed full of opinion and analyses of the industry.

Best for award-winning content


The magazine’s mission is: to bring you a carefully edited selection of the best architecture, design and interiors projects and news from around the world. Dezeen launched at the end of 2006 and has won several awards for journalism and publishing. It is also a great source for design and architecture jobs if you are looking for your next career move.

As well as online design magazines, Parrot Print has also got great guides to the best online publications for illustrators and must-see online photography magazines. So, all you need is a lovely brew and comfy chair. Once settled you can spend hours browsing the latest news, exciting artists and equipment reviews – sure to inspire your next photography shoot. Could you take a whole new approach with your next canvas print?

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