How is your office laid out? Is it open plan or do all employees have their own private rooms? What about décor? Have you kept things neutral or do you make use of your business’s brand colours or logo? For a lot of firms, the aesthetics of the company premises from the layout through to the decorating scheme are dictated largely by budget but the results can have a huge impact on how the premises is perceived by both staff and visitors, so is it time you freshened things up a little?

The importance of office layout
In the UK open plan offices are incredibly popular – they’re often the most budget friendly option and are perceived to help workers interact and collaborate. However, research from Sweden, suggests those who inhabit private offices are happiest overall. Those who work closer together in open offices or offices with cubicles can be interrupted frequently while they work, which can add to frustration and exhaustion rather than encouraging positive social interaction. Many companies choose a compromise between complete separation and intergration, with big names such as Google reportedly opting for small grouped tables, which encourage a family feel within teams. 

Why personalisation aids productivity
Allowing employees to personalise their workspace is not only thought to boost their personal wellbeing, it could help aid productivity and help workers define their roles among colleagues too. This research provides some valuable insight into the psychology behind personalisation of workspace. Along with allowing your employees to bring in photos or calendars for their desks, you might consider adding some canvas pictures of your own to the walls of the canteen or hallway. Why not print pictures on canvas of staff in action to show your team at their very best? Alternatively, you could make illustrated signs that feature company or team mottos or even employee of the month canvas prints to display in staff areas. Take a look at our post on corporate canvas ideas for more inspiration for office updates.

Are you planning an office makeover in the New Year? What are your decorating priorities?