Capturing just how majestic your feline friend is can be tough, especially if you aren’t used to photographing animals. These tiny tigers can be illusive, standoffish and unpredictable – not the dependable and willing to please nature of dogs – so you must keep this in mind.

The plus side is that cat photography is a little calmer!

Cat photography tips

  • Find a place where your cat feels comfortable (maybe their favourite spot)
  • Experiment with different angles – up high, down low, zooming in close to capture detail
  • Have another person to help with getting the attention of the cat (toys, hand gestures etc.)
  • Check out your camera to see if it has a pet mode – Nikon has this so that the shutter releases whenever the pet’s face is detected.

Above all, patience will be needed. To get the very best from you cat, they need to be comfortable, happy and in the mood for your camera lens. Before long, they’ll forget your camera is there and will be their usual playful, snoozy and totally adorable selves.

What if you don’t have a cat?

Intrigued by the beauty of cats but don’t have one yourself? Fret not as there’s still a few ways to get the images you need. One way is asking a friend if you can spend some time taking photographs of their cat – your images could be turned into a beautiful gift for your friend in the form of a canvas print…

Another very appealing way is to visit a cat café. This craze, which is currently sweeping the UK, began in Taiwan in 1998 before making waves in Japan. By making a booking, you can go and enjoy some cat-themed drinks and nibbles while getting to know a selection of rescue cats as they play and languish around you.

Famous Instagram cats

Lil Bub

Following: 1.5 million

Bio: Lil Bub is a rescue cat (the runt of a feral litter in Indiana) with special needs. She captured the attention of the world with her adorable little face and permanently stuck out tongue. Bub is a published author, movie star and talk show host! She has also helped to raise $300,000 for animal charities.

Grumpy Cat

Following: 2.2 million

Bio: Grumpy Cat, otherwise known as Tardar Sauce, became an internet sensation back in 2012 when her grumpy-looking face won millions of hearts. She’s now a huge brand!

Nala Cat

Following: 3.3 million

Bio: Another famous girl cat is little Nala the rescue cat. She is a six-year-old Siamese and tabby mix and is super cute. Her account has over 5,000 posts so you can spend a LONG time scrolling through her photographs.

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