The days are getting shorter and the leaves are beginning to fall – it’s safe to say Autumn has well and truly arrived. This new season brings with it crisp leaves, colder days and, of course, the fruit of the season, the pumpkin! With Halloween fast approaching, now is the perfect time to put pumpkin photography on your autumn schedule.

Making More Of Your Pumpkin This Halloween
The classic toothy grin on your Halloween Jack-o-lantern is fun, but if you’re going to make the effort to photograph your pumpkin, why not step it up a notch this year with some cool carving ideas? Inspiration can be found right at your fingertips by using various social media platforms. You can find more than one million videos, small tutorials and images on Instagram by using the #pumpkincarving hashtag.

You’ve gone to all the effort of perfecting your pumpkin, so make sure you capture it at its best. Props, the right backdrop and a little styling will bring everything together. If you’re struggling to come up with ideas, then take a look at Pinterest. This platform has everything from the ordinary and classic to the weird and the adventurous. At home and want to work with what you’ve got? Place your pumpkin on the porch or in front of a brick wall on a bed of leaves. You could even add some fake webs to give it those Halloween vibes!

The best way to capture your pumpkin and the design on it isn’t by taking a close up of the pumpkin design face on, but by turning your pumpkin around. You want to capture the glow of the light from within the pumpkin while still being able to see the outside of the pumpkin itself. So, use a couple of candles to make the light brighter and resist the urge to use your flash. By doing it this way you create images with depth, as well as colour.

Where Can You Photograph Pumpkins In The UK This Autumn?
If you want to capture more candid shots, then it’s time to venture to a supermarket, or pumpkin patch. Although a perfect pile of pumpkins is Insta-worthy, we suggest going with the latter and seeking out one of the amazing places to photograph pumpkins in the UK.

Secretts Farm, in Surrey, grows an estimated 30,000 pumpkins in its fields and during selected months you can visit and pick your very own pumpkin. When this farm is open to the public they offer tractor and trailer rides too. Now, you may not want a ride, but these would make awesome props among your pumpkin field backdrop. There’s also Garsons Esher, which is the largest pick-your-own farm in the UK; it offers more than 30 different crops grown over 150 acres. During this time of year it’s famous for its pumpkin fields and yields an extensive range of pumpkins and squashes in various sizes, shapes and colours.

You could you use these pumpkins to experiment with different tones and textures or take this opportunity to capture some seriously cute photo shoots too. From couples taking a romantic scroll to children playing among the pumpkin patches, let the colour of the pumpkins provide your perfect backgdrop . You could even set up and capture a first birthday shoot, which would be ideal for autumn babies. Just make sure you pack some appropriate clothing and props.

Ready, Steady…Snap and Bake!

And of course, let’s not forget that pumpkins are delicious. If you’re planning on pumpkin carving then make sure that none of the insides go to waste. Instead of throwing it away, take the gooey insides and bake it into a pie or cake. Not only will you create a delicious dish, but this then gives you the opportunity to get into food styling and practice your food photography.

Have you ever taken the time to capture a pumpkin beyond a quick snap for your social media platforms? Have you ever thought that there are people who photograph pumpkins and put them onto canvas prints?