We’re a little bit late for National Foot Day, which apparently takes place on January 1st, if you didn’t already know. But as we step into Spring time, we thought this post on foot-themed canvas prints seemed somewhat appropriate.

Today we’re looking at some very grounded ideas that any photographer can have a go at – you don’t need to be perfect at portraits or landscapes to put these ideas in the frame. In fact, these canvas prints ideas are so easy, they make a great project for all of the family to get involved with on a rainy day. Speaking of rainy days….

Puddle splashes

Photographs of splashes in puddles look extra special when the subject is wearing wellington boots. As there’s a little rain predicted for the Bank Holiday, why not take advantage and have your own splashy shoot? By focussing on the feet and water only you’ll be able to get the perfect shot that little bit faster. You may even want to rope in a few family members to capture a group puddle splash. Don’t forget to check out our tips on rain photography before you get started.

Walking shots

You know all of those black and white photographs on Instagram that show people walking off into the distance with a quote layered over the top? We think we should all start taking shots of the reverse. Forget photos of legs leaving  – let’s all start taking brightly coloured photographs of our subjects stepping into a positive future, with accompanying meaningful mantra optional.

Footprints on sand

If you’re heading to the beach this Bank Holiday, take your camera with you and be prepared to feel sand between your toes! Photographs of footprints in the sand will make a great momento of your trip. Don’t forget to write your name under your feet so that you know whose toes are whose when you transfer the image to canvas. 

Family footprints

You can make a footprint canvas without the help of sand in the comfort of your own home. Use water soluble paints to coat the sole of your feet and then print onto paper by rolling the foot from heel to the ball of your foot and toes, this will show record how your foot falls, giving a clearer print than putting your whole foot down at once. Create a family foot print and make your own custom canvas print by adding each family member’s footprints to a piece of paper before uploading. Don’t forget to add your names and the date to the print to prompt memories in the future.

Have you ever taken a print of your own foot or experimented with puddle photography? We’d love to see the results or hear your tips, just comment below.