It’s not long since we celebrated National Selfie Day here at Parrot Print headquarters. Now it’s National Camera Day  course and of course, without cameras there would be no selfies! We can’t quite fathom out when National Camera Day started or why it started, but as firm fans of the camera, it’s easy for us to get on board with such a day! To celebrate National Camera Day we’re talking about reasons to love your camera. Which camera do you use and why do you love it? Here are some of the reasons we love our cameras…

They capture our nearest and dearest

Whether you’re a professional photographer or photography enthusiast, having a tool on hand to capture magic moments with those you care about makes cameras a very valuable tool indeed. There’s great satisfaction to be found in being able to take fabulous shots of your kids or other family members, not to mention the joy of being able to share your love of photography. Why not make a point of introducing the next generation to the wonders of the camera this National Camera Day? Or you could spend some time perfecting photo-worthy smiles or practicing fun family poses. With camera phones always at the ready, we take more photographs than ever these days, but when was the last time you set up a proper shoot with your nearest and dearest?

It records and inspires your travels

Not only can a camera record the fantastic places you travel through on the journey of life, but it can also inspire where you visit too. Are you a travel blogger or professional travel photographer who relies on your camera to chart your adventures? Perhaps you love to learn and explore by booking photography tours and trips? A love of travel and photography so often go hand in hand. How often does a must-see spot make it onto your to-visit list simply because you aspire to photograph it? Have you visited some of the most photographed sites in the world? Perhaps you plan vacations to the most photogenic beaches?

It’s the way you earn a living

If you earn your living as a photographer, your camera plays an even more important role in your life. Whether you’re a wedding photographer or all about product photography, a camera can unlock your earning potential. Once you’ve saved up for your all-important first professional camera, you soon find that all of your spare cash goes into buying things like fancy lenses and other bits of add on kit. Been pondering making the leap into earning a living as a professional snapper? National Camera Day is a great time to start putting those plans into action.

Wielding a camera can help your wellbeing

Aside from the satisfaction of getting the shot, perfecting a new technique and visiting new places, getting out and about with your camera can be good for your health and your wellbeing. At the most basic level there’s a good chance you’re going to be getting fresh air and exercise if you’re shooting outside. However, one of the best advantages of being into photography is how therapeutic it can be.

Our post Photography and Mental Health covers just some of the ways that having access to a camera can help and individual’s wellbeing. Focussing on a process can encourage mindfulness while others choose to work on a photography project to work through trauma. Along with providing a creative outlet, an interest in photography can also help you to meet new people or visit places you may otherwise have never have been. Perhaps you’re a member of a camera club or a photography organisation or you’ve taken a photography course? Where has your camera taken you? And where will it take you before the next National Camera Day comes round? We’d love to hear about your photography plans and ambitions.