Have you ever thought about taking up fishing? As well as being a pastime that gets you out of the house and enjoying some quiet time, it also offers the opportunity to test out your water photography skills, develop your ability to capture action shots and could even provide you with your supper!

Plus, you can create personalised canvas prints from your proudest fishing moments…
This year, National Fishing Month will begin on the 22nd July and conclude on the 29th August. Look in your local area for an event near you where you can get some expert advice from fishery owners, organisers and angling coaches.

Working with water
Often challenging, the process of working with water in photography can also be very rewarding. Capturing moving water in a stream can be achieved by using a very slow shutter speed – between 2 and 8 seconds – to get a silky smooth look to the photograph. Water also has the frustrating habit of reflecting light so that you can’t see what lies underneath, which can be the best part of your shot. To tackle this, use polarized filters to reveal the hidden textures and colours (and fish) rather than the flat surface.

Capturing the action
When working with fish you need to have the right photography equipment and a lot of patience. To make sure you get the best shot, you’ll need a fast-focussing DSLR camera with a fast prime lens – ideal for capturing a swimming fish.
You’ll also need to get to know the fish (it sounds odd but knowing their behaviour will help you to get the best photograph). Take some time observing the fish, or shoal of fish, for a pattern of movement as well as letting your object/s get used to your presence.

Don’t forget the licence!
Everyone over the age of 12 years old needs to have a rod licence for fishing in England, Wales and the Border Esk (and its tributaries in Scotland). You can buy your licence from the Post Office in association with the Environment Agency in the following options:

• 1 or 8 days
• Full season (expires 31 March)
• Fishing for salmon and sea trout will cost you more
You could be fined up to £2,500 for fishing without a licence.
National Marine Week
Within the same period as National Fishing Month, we also have National Marine Week that runs over a two-week period from 23 July to 7 August. It is set up by The Wildlife Trust to celebrate the UK’s amazing sea animals – including basking sharks, grey seals, puffins and dolphins – and plants.

Look for your local area on The Wildlife Trust website to see what events are going on near you.
One of the images you get from your fishing trip could prove to be the ideal gift for friends or family who love to go fishing. Take a look at the Parrot Print Guide to capturing falling water.pexels-photo-24345