If love is in the air for you this Valentine’s Day and you’ve still not got your special someone a gift, read on for a few personalised print ideas that might just make the perfect present.

A heart print
You could give your Valentine a copy of your favourite photograph of you two together or better still, why not capture a new image to transfer to canvas? Reach for the camera and take some super cute photos of the two of you. Instead of a straight up selfie, why experiment with simple images of you holding hands or making a heart shape with your fingers?

An ever-lasting bouquet
A dozen red roses is the traditional choice on Valentine’s Day but at the very best your bouquet may last a few weeks and at worst you may see its beauty wilting after just a day or two. Why not capture the perfect bouquet on canvas and present it to your Valentine instead? The flowers will last much longer and won’t need watering either!

Your names in lights
In the olden days you might have carved your names in a tree or perhaps popped your initials on a lock and attached it to a bridge but there are easier and equally cute and artistic ways to celebrate your perfect match. Why not take try writing your name in lights or heading to the beach and writing your names in the sand? Don’t forget to take a photo so that you can create a custom canvas print to record your efforts.

A picture of your pet
If the only thing your boyfriend or girlfriend loves more than you is their pet, it’s time to get them involved in your project! Could you write a romantic message on a sign and get them to pose for the camera? The results are sure to melt your Valentine’s heart.

A landscape shot of your favourite date spot
Have you shared a special moment in the local park or spent your best ever date at the beach sharing a picnic? If there’s a date you’d like to remember, you could transfer a photo of the spot to canvas to treasure for years to come.

Do you have any plans for Valentine’s Day? Have you got the present buying all wrapped up or are you perhaps making a gift? We’d love to see your efforts. You can check out more personalised print ideas for Valentine’s Day here.pexels-photo-large