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I’m sure every professional photographer will agree that the hardest part in this industry is starting out and trying to secure paid photography work. Just like many people within the creative industry it’s all about experience and working for free until your portfolio and contact book is full to the brim.

Here at Parrot Print we understand how hard this struggle can be, so we’ve put together some tips and advice that’ll help you in getting paid photography work, so you can finally put a stop to working for free.

Build Your Brand
One of the easiest and most important ways to secure any form of paid photography work is through a website. Building a website will not only give you somewhere to showcase all of your photos, but it’s a space on the internet where you can get creative and build a brand for yourself. You don’t have to be a whizz at coding and website design to build an amazing website. There’s plenty of free platforms like WordPress and Blogger that are easy to set up and simple to use. Setting up a website will also cause you to focus on your logo for your brand, as well as your tone and overall online presence.

Get Social
It’s pointless having a website if you haven’t got any social platforms to share it on. Another easy way of getting your name out there is by signing up to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Not only is this another great way to share your photos, but it’s a good way to interact with potential customers and clients. Remember to use hashtags and business hours on these platforms, as these are seen by a bigger audience. Just remember the more people who see your work and the more people who follow you gives you a better chance of receiving a paid job, so don’t give up on it. We understand you’re trying to secure a paid job, but there’s no harm in trying to sell your work online either. If you require more information on selling your photos online, then check out our sharing tips.

Get Experience and Gain Contacts
Whether you’ve just started out or you’ve been in this industry for years, we know you’ll have gained a lot of experience and contacts along the way. Don’t just leave them sitting on your CV, get in touch with previous work experience employers to ask if there’s any paid work available now or if they know of any jobs that are going within their place of work or within the industry. Have a look at all those business cards you’ve accumulated and give those people a call. You never know at the other end of that phone call could be a life changing opportunity.

Set Up An Exhibition
An exhibition is similar to a launch party. It’s a great way to say “here I am” and showcase your photography. Wiki How has put together a step by step process on how to set up a successful exhibition, without any stress or fuss. If you haven’t gained a collection of business cards, then this is a great way to mingle with potential clients and introduce yourself to them. This is crucial in obtaining paid work; you must get your name out there. Although you’re trying to secure a paid job, holding your own exhibition is a great chance to sell some of your photos. Check out our tips for selling your photos, as this will only help you secure your ideal job.

How did you secure a paid photography job? Do you have tips or advice we could share? Don’t forget to share your work or photos with us on Facebook and Twitter