We’ve talked about colourful stripes on the blog recently and it seems these aren’t the only on-trend looks from the past making a powerful resurgence. They say that everything comes back into style eventually, even looks that weren’t entirely welcomed the first time round! And true to form now the National Design Academy has tipped Seventies design as one of the big looks for 2016.

If you’re not quite ready to commit to furniture in bold brights, disco balls or huge house plants, we’ve got a few ideas of how you can channel the sentiment of the Seventies using subtle canvas prints to hint at the best (or the worst) interiors trends of the decade.

Jungle prints

Was there a stronger Seventies style statement than the safari suit? The outfit of choice for Roger Moore as James Bond was beige but the Seventies were a colourful period for most. Large jungle prints with strong repetitive motifs are very much in vogue. Lavish green leaves and swathes of exotic flora are everywhere. This year, the jungle motif has found favour in the world of interiors and fashion alike, just take a peek at Orla Kiely’s latest home collection for proof, should you need it. If you don’t have a jungle visit planned anytime soon, could you get busy with a paintbrush instead?

Geometric patterns

It wasn’t just leafy prints making their mark in the decade; strong geometric prints generally were definitely having their day. Get busy on Photoshop and create your own geometric canvas prints in the familiar palette of beige, mustard, orange and brown. You could make the print large, loud and proud in true Seventies style or create an image or picture using tiny geometric tiles. How psychedelic will you make yours?

Vinyl inspiration

It’s not just all things cute and kitsch that have suddenly become cool. Sales of vinyl albums continue to rise; they’ve even been added to supermarket shelves. You might want to keep your precious retro records safely stored out of harm’s way but you can still use them for artistic inspiration. Could you use photographs of albums combined with lyrics and gig tickets to create your own custom vintage vinyl print? We think they look fantastic on the walls in a quiet corner next to your record player, check out our record corner decoration ideas for further inspiration.

Whether you’re a Seventies fanatic or just a little curious about the decade that spawned the VW Beetle and Farah Fawcett’s iconic hairstyle, you can choose to indulge with a subtle canvas print. Or, if you really want to get lost in the decade, why not create your own feature wall of prints inspired by the different styles, trends and textures of the Seventies? We’d love to see the results.

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