Since his arrival last July, Prince George of Cambridge has had the nation cooing almost constantly. Photographs of the little royal taken during the Prince and Duchess of Cambridge’s recent tour of New Zealand have no doubt added to his admirers. Now, Kate has revealed a snap of the little prince snuggling into her shoulder is her favourite of a bunch taken on the trip.

The photographer who took the image told hello! that the family were due to pose for a staged photo session but missed out in the end due to timing. However, as this adorable pic proves, we think some of the best baby snaps are captured off the cuff.

So, here’s our guide to shooting little stars!

When and how to photograph babies

While we certainly wouldn’t recommend juggling a DSLR and a baby, it’s very helpful to have a camera to hand when you welcome a new member of the family, so that you don’t miss any magic moments. With this in mind, you might want to keep a simple compact point and shoot in the living room or baby’s bedroom.

Before you start snapping portrait shots, why not concentrate on catching baby in action? It may be a long time until they start walking or crawling, but in the early days there are lots of action shots to be had – from documenting baby’s first feed, bath, smile and laugh, through to snuggly shots with the family.

When family come round to admire the new arrival, be sure to make use of them! You might think babies would be easy to photograph – they can’t move far after all. The truth is, they are decidedly easier to snap when they are supported in some way and positioned for the camera. Take a tip from Kate and shoot when babies are looking cosy, either over the shoulder or cradled to the front. Don’t worry too much about snapping straight on either – the shot of Kate and Prince George works because it captures the intimacy between them without either looking at the camera.

Three top tips for photographing babies

• Shooting with a faster shutter speed will help ensure you don’t miss a thing
• Choosing a wider aperture will help create depth, perfect for snapping those small features
• Capture the beauty of tiny fingers and toes with the help of macro mode or a macro lens

What to do with baby photographs

Baby prints make great gifts. Why not transfer a photograph of a magical first meeting onto a personalised canvas? Or, say thank you for birthday, christening and Christmas gifts with a small canvas print of baby and the present. Finally, why not decorate a wall with all of your baby’s firsts? Create a montage or place canvas prints in a linear arrangement to show a timeline of their early life.

Not sure how best to use your photographs? Get in touch using our contact form and we’ll happily provide some inspiration.

Alternatively you can start creating  perfect baby canvas prints by uploading your photo here!

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