One of the biggest advantages of creating your own customised canvas prints is the ability to create wall art that inspires feelings. Whether you plan to hang the result of your efforts on your own wall or to give it as a gift, you can put thought into creating something meaningful that has the power to make people smile, think or laugh.

With just less than a week to go to Comic Relief on March 13th, the funniest of all the fun days, we are considering just what it takes to create a funny print on canvas and are sharing our trips for spreading the lols.

Make your face funny for money

If you are planning to make your face funny for money in aid of Comic Relief, you’ll find lots of ideas for transforming your face into something laughable over on the Comic Relief website. Whether you plan on using your natural talents to stir a giggle from the crowd or you or you’ll be loading up with face paints, don’t forget to snap the results so you can make even more people laugh later on! You may even want to think about selling your prints to make money for Comic Relief.

Photographing laughing

Prints of people laughing generate feelings of warmth and make great gifts for loved ones or work well as welcoming artwork to hang in offices and hallways. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy or flattering to catch someone mid laugh. When people are laughing at their hardest they can make some extremely funny faces but it’s best to photograph the full process so that you can see the laugh develop. For this kind of portrait photography you’ll need to make your subject feel really comfortable around you and of course, inspire their laughter somehow. If jokes aren’t your strong point try pulling a funny face yourself, working some hilarious dance moves and generally being a bit silly. Fake laughter often leads to real laughter, so get that started first.

Comic moments on canvas

Aside from funny faces, it’s actually pretty hard to capture comic moments on canvas. People don’t tend to throw custard pies in day-to-day life but having your camera to hand when you’re out and about should help you capture more comic moments that produce images to transfer to canvas. You needn’t rely on reality to shape all of your funny canvas prints either, thanks to Photoshop, which recently celebrated it’s 25th birthday, you can enhance images to introduce humorous elements large and small.

Jokes on canvas

A joke can be visual or a one liner, both of which can be replicated on canvas. You might have a family ‘in joke’ or a favourite knock-knock joke that would rouse a laugh or two when transformed into wall art. Whether it’s photo or caption based, or a little of both, you can use our easy uploader to create your own joke print canvas. We think they’re best hung in places like the downstairs toilets, though they can work well on the walls of your bar or restaurant too.

Will you be making your face funny for money for comic relief? What’s the funniest moment you’ve ever captured? Share your comments, stories and ideas with us below.