As you know, we’re seriously into interiors and when we can we like to checkout the big events in the design calendar. This year’s Ideal Home Show ran from 18 March to 3 April at the Oylmpia Conference Centre in London and attracted more than 265,000 visitors seeking out home inspiration. There were live presentations from interior designer Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen, architect George Clark, gardener Alan Titchmarsh, Suzi Perry on home tech, and cooking demonstrations from chef Aldo Zilli. And of course, we were most interested in the interiors trends to watch out for in coming months

Room sets
Good Homes magazine provided the six roomsets at the show – beautility kitchen, pastel dining room, botanical living room, marine family room, coastal bedroom and glamour bathroom. Each scheme focused on the idea of bringing the outdoors in. To evoke a sense of spring the roomsets used a palette of peach, cherished gold, coral and sage. There was also splashes of matt black and teal, plus the season’s new bird and bloom motifs.

Show homes
The Ideal Home Show had three fully built show homes to see from Barclays, Thomas Sanderson and Thermoprotect.

The Time Saving Home (sponsored by Barclays) was filled with dedicated time-saving kit using some of the best tech products available on the market. The house was designed to save up to 21 hours per week with the latest innovations in speedy cooking to saving time on daily chores.

A Traditionally British Home (sponsored by Thomas Sanderson) was a new take on the traditional British theme with a 21st century twist from designer Linda Barker. As well as a family kitchen with modern functioning design that looks traditional, there was a boho-themed girls room with re-purposed wicker furniture and a safari-themed boys room. Just a little hint of Seventies design was therefore seen creeping through.

The ARC by Green Unit (sponsored by Thermoprotect) was constructed from individual modules that can be designed and configured in any arrangement. Each module is hand crafted and made from natural and low impact building materials, and could eventually make you money by selling energy back to the grid!

Key trends

Pastel fabrics – As championed by Good Homes magazine, pretty pastels are a spring hit as well as an enduring 2016 interior trend. Pack up on peach, coral and sage in your fabrics and paints for a fresh look to any room. Think about snapping pictures of pastel florals and transferring the images to canvas to create your own personalised pretty pastel prints.

The return of the desk – The time for balancing a laptop on your knee in bed is over. The revival of the desk is here and is a key interior trend of the bedroom. Carve out some space and get looking for your perfect desk to get creative on. It’s all about a powerful, high-gloss, sleek look.

Mixed metals –  We mentioned it in our round up of trends for the year here  and it seems our predictions for a magpie-esque love of all things metallic in 2016 was bang on the money. The interior scene is currently mad about anything with a metallic sheen so go gold, platinum, bronze or silver in your walls and furnishings to be bang on trend.

Fabric wall art – Fabric wall art is a trend to get involved with. Gorgeous fabric prints that you can’t afford to upholster your couch with can now be hung on your walls for all to see and feel…

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